30 People Share The “Dark Secrets” And “Questionable Practices” Of Their Job Most Folks Don’t Know About


I work at a theme park and we use codes with number for situation that could happen in the park to not create panic, we also use codes for some category of people. Like a code 25 means there’s a fire, code 20 is for mentally disabled people. We also use hand signals sometimes for some situations—u/tantan66


The real reason programmers have so many screens is because one of them almost always has Google pulled up on it. No one knows what they are doing 100% off the time. Its typically always “hmmm this should work” or “well hope this works”—u/killerhacks86


Former retail pharmacy technician. I received many forged prescriptions for strong narcotics for otherwise seemingly young, healthy patients. In hindsight, it’s really sad, because I’m witnessing the opioid crisis unfold before my eyes. But the pharmacist has full discretion to pretend we don’t have the drug in stock, turn people away, or straight up call the cops. We will literally put on our acting game and keep these people at the pharmacy until the cops arrive.—u/rx6553


When I worked fast food, EVERYONE else there was a ghost hunter. They’d put together special weekends to go to haunted places around the city.—u/YaDrunkB*tch


Funeral Director: You can buy a casket from Costco for 20% of the price that I’m going to sell you one for. About 70% of the cost of the funeral is overcharging options and leading you on to feel guilty if you don’t take them. We have a lot of fun when we don’t deal with customers, but we never have that “fun” with bodies.—u/Privvy_Gaming


Pretty much any software you use is jacked together spaghetti with no tests.—u/Konstantynopolitancz


Some stores that sell used merchandise like video games and movies, will pay you money for stolen stuff even when they know it’s stolen. It doesn’t hurt them to get brand new games that were only released hours ago for a fraction of the cost. Then they turn around and sell them for five dollars cheaper than a new copy. They are getting brand new never opened sixty dollars games for a few bucks, and making a huge profit.—u/stuckNTX_plzsendHelp


Copywriter: MOST of the articles you read on the internet are written by us. We have no idea what we are talking about. We get the topic, Google it, and reword other articles into a new one. All we have to do is make sure we include a few seo words. I’ve written articles for HVAC companies, movie and tv reviews, tons of different merchandise sales, and so much other stuff I’ve forgotten. If it’s a blog post online, it’s likely fake.

Edit: want a good example? Go read the descriptions on Netflix. The more vague the description, the more likely the writer didn’t watch it. If you pay real close attention, you can tell that a lot of the descriptions were written by the same person.—u/Saiyaliin


Sometimes we lick artifacts to quickly determine if they are bone or pottery (bone sticks pottery doesn’t). And then tap them on our teeth to determine if they are pottery or a rock (rock will hurt pottery won’t). Archaeology—u/tor93


I’ve worked in fast food, and it is a sad reality that many workers will come to work sick, because they can’t afford to lose wages. One year, the flu was going around town, and I think our restaurant was ground zero.—u/TiredOldRoutine

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