People Are Sharing Which Jobs Are For Jerks (17 Posts)

People are telling Reddit what kind of occupations they associate with just truly awful people after u/29t03jwies asked the AskReddit community a simple question:

“What job or activity do you normally associate with jerks?”

And no, the answers weren’t all “lawyers!” or “politicians!” though those were, predictably, mentioned. Instead, some of these answers may surprise you. Enjoy!

1. Tow truck drivers

Tow truck drivers. They’re mini gangs who try and dominate each other. They see an accident, and they already start hooking up your vehicle without permission. They see a solo, one man company tow truck, 5 of them will come and bully him out (even though the car is hooked up and everything).


2. Family YouTubers

Those family YouTube channels, that have like fifty different channels for each family member including the dogs and then the one for the full family. They only shout when they talk and do a bunch of shitty “challenges”

I feel in real life they are total assholes to everyone in their neighborhood


3. Prankster YouTubers

YouTube “pranksters”.

pisses on stranger’s shoes

destroys a stranger’s cell phone

smashes a car window

commits actual armed robbery



4. Cal scammers

Oh man I love getting those calls and waste their time by imitating an old man barely understanding and make them repeat 5-6 times. Then I fake the interest/fear after almost 20-30 ish minutes (depending of what the call is about). Then just laugh at them and hang up.


5. Mall sales

Those people who work at the mall selling some kind of overpriced fake-ass product (e.g. Orogold) who will snatch your arm as you walk by and rub some unknown chemical on you before you have a chance to react and then launch into their sales pitch with very aggressive hard sales tactics. I’m pretty convinced you have to be at least psychopath-adjacent to take that kind of job.


6. MLM

MLM sales reps. You could be sweeter than a sugar coated kitten before you get involved in a MLM, but after you join, you turn into a major pushy asshole.


7. Psychics

Psychics, exploiting vulnerable people is all it is.


8. Regional managers

Regional managers. They always threaten to visit so you go overboard cleaning the whole store… they never show up.


9. Recruitment agents

Bunch of even worse liars. Like working in a bar or in a shop, its a job that young people get into and eventually leave. Recruitment Agents leave because even they hate themselves. See a Recruitment Agent over 25 and Im going to say he hasnt left the industry because he’s unemployable.


10. Crypto spammers

those fucking people who spam social media comments with “learn how i made $30,000 in a week with cryptocurrency, message @probablyascammer for more details”


11. Influencers

Influencers. An accumulation of narcissists. Nothing more.


12. Real Estate agent

I don’t mind the idea of a real estate agent themself existing. They’re basically just a broker.

But what is absolute horseshoe is how much they think they deserve to get paid.

“WAIT WAIT WAIT… think you deserve 2.5% of the cost of the fucking house because you drove me around a bit and let me walk thru a few of them??? Oh and the other seller agent gets another 2.5%??? So if I sold a $1M house you EACH think you were worth $25k of that transaction????

What a fuxkin scam.


13. Politicians

We created an amazing system to filter out the biggest assholes that are willing to step on others to get their way, and then we want them to represent us. Crazy, right?


14. Leeches on Healthcare

all the leeches of the U.S. healthcare system that are the true scum: health insurance administration, hospital administration, and pharmaceutical representatives.


15. Car salesman

Car Salesmen.

I have yet to meet one that isn’t an asshole, and I should mention I’m in an industry where I’ve met a whole lot of them.


16. MLMs

“Girl Boss” or any variation of that phrase, often working for an MLM pyramid scheme. Look, I’m a girl too, I work hard, and I don’t feel the need to brag about it. Just do your job and stfu.


17. Coaching

And this new variant of so many women getting into ‘success coaching’. Basically they are creating more women like them by flaunting expensive things they bought. Pyramid scheme.