People Are Sharing Laws That Are Unfair, Outdated, Or Just Plain Stupid (20 Posts)

One of the cool things about the law is that it must change with the times; this sometimes means that some laws are outdated and eventually someone needs to challenge them in order to update those laws. So it stands to reason that there must be laws on the books that just make no sense.

Over on Reddit’s AskReddit sub, u/iwanttheworldnow wondered:

“What’s a law that should not be a law?”

We weeded through some of the dopier answers and found the best responses to this question — let us know your favorites!

1. Civil Asset Forfeiture

Law enforcement can seize money or property on suspicion of it being connected to criminal activity. It’s then your responsibility to prove that it’s not illegal, which requires paying a lawyer, going to court, etc. which can many times cost more than the seized property.


2. Bingo

In the Delaware state constitution, there is an entire section on how to legally run a bingo game. Like bro, just let the grandma’s bingo in peace!


3. Fee for solar

In my state, our public service commission approved an additional fee on power bills for homeowners who install solar panels. Not necessarily a “law” but still shouldn’t exist.


4. Really??

It is illegal to mispronounce Arkansas, while in the state of Arkansas.


5. Dental

Still technically a law – in Vermont, women needing false teeth must first get permission from their husbands to do so.


6. Ireland

It’s a minor one but here it’s illegal for stores to sell alcohol after 10pm. I finish work at 10 so if I want to have a few beers at home after work I can’t unless I’ve bought them in advance. Yet I can finish work and go straight to a pub and drink until closing time. Makes no sense


7. Warn horse traffic

In South Carolina, when approaching a blind intersection in a motor vehicle you must discharge a firearm three times into the air to warn horse traffic.


8. Whale safety

In Tennessee, where I live, it’s illegal to shoot a whale from a moving vehicle. We’re a landlocked state…..


9. Pump the gas

Not being able to pump your own gas in Oregon. Drove threw there once and the gas attendant came running from inside the store. He was like “I am not getting a $5,000 fine again.” Then proceeded to pump it for me. Poor guy had to pump all the cars, and still attend the market inside the gas Station by himself. This was in Eugene, Oregon to be exact.


10. Can’t Sue

In many states, if you are killed at your place of employment, even due to gross or literally criminal negligence on the companies behalf, your family can not take your employer to court for wrongful death. The workman’s comp gets paid out and that’s the end of it. Effectively making it a kill-tax.


11. Exempt

Any law that exempts any public servant from the laws that govern the rest of us.


12. Women living together

There are still municipalities in the U.S. that have criminalized more than a certain threshold of adult women from living together without any adult men, because obviously the only thing they could be doing together is running a brothel. Not sure how many of them are enforced by the actual local law enforcement, but there’s universities that don’t allow sorority houses for this reason.


13. Harass Bigfoot

I’d like to go to Washington, where it’s illegal to do this, and harass Bigfoot for being the giant hairy smelly ass fraidy cat b*tch that he is.


14. Blue Laws

Blue laws are stupid and only based on religion. I really can’t buy a beer on Sunday because Jesus won’t approve?


15. Fish

it is illegal to get a fish drunk in ohio


16. Feeding the homeless

I got arrested for giving homeless people care packages with food/water, deodorant, socks, tooth brush/paste. I’m not saying I told the officer to go fornicate with himself and I was going to keep feeding the homeless. Not that it matters now but I was part of the reason the 11th circuit court ruled that feeding the homeless is a form of expressive conduct protected by the first amendment.. wherever that cop is I hope he is fornicating himself hard with a rusty fork.


17. Possession

In several states there are clauses to left laws that include possession in any manner even unbeknownst to the individual. Many people are jailed and charged with major felonies just because they purchased legally, something that was acquired illegally.


18. Ice cream pockets

In Alabama it’s illegal to walk around with an ice cream cone in your pocket due to way back in the days where horses were the common mode of transportation people would “steal” the horses by attracting them with the ice cream in their pocket while the person claimed “Oh I didn’t mean to do that” when they truly did. That is no longer relevant to society and that law should be taken out.


19. Charging to take money

counter fees and convenience fees, charging people money to accept their money shouldn’t be allowable by law


That my husband has to sign his permission for me to have my tubes tied. We are In alaska. But it goes the same way for him. He has to have my permission. I just thinks it’s crazy because they already federally mandate it to age 21 and then on top you must have permission. And then some practices want you to have multiple kids before even considering the procedure.