23 Things People Learned In School That Turned Out To Be Untrue

When you’re a little kid, you don’t think that grownups could be lying to you or giving you wrong information. You don’t realize the adults around you have their own opinions and motivations—they are just authority figures, and everything they say you take at face value. It doesn’t help that when you’re a kid, everything feels REALLY IMPORTANT. You have a falling out with a friend, or your crush makes fun of you, or you fail a test, and it feels like the end of the world.

Then you grow up and you realize that teachers are (largely underpaid) humans just doing their jobs and that there is no clear path to success, and more importantly, nobody knows what they’re talking about.

The responses to an AskReddit question posed by u/MomosOnSale prove that everyone must hear their own version of school lies. They asked, “What is something school taught you which turned out to be false?” and the replies ranged from “do well in school, have a good job” to “learning to write cursive is important.”

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Just because you are popular doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. F—k all! Since graduating college it’s been all about networks and who you know / who likes you. I’ve literally asked people how they got their job and they said they knew someone that pulled them in with no qualifications or experience. It’s a tough pill to swallow.—u/ProlapsedThoughts


You won’t have a calculator in your pocket.—u/moe-skweeto


The body cannot produce new nerve/brain cells. Turns out neurogenesis is a very real phenomenon. Btw: I was taught that the body cannot make new nervous cells this year in my senior Human Anatomy class, long after neurogenesis was discovered.—u/AbronawithCorona


That we had a “permanent record”—u/PM_Me_Nudes_2_Review

school lies, high school lies


College professors would be more strict Edit: Thank you fellow redditors for my highest upvoted comment. Ironically I might fail one of my classes because of a professor, but at least I have upvotes—u/michaeltheantisocial


Nutrition. When I started elementary school it was the four food groups, by high school it was the food pyramid, and by college it turned into myplate. You can’t ever keep up and it constantly changed, so who knows what’ll turn into next.—u/llcucf80


“These are the best years of your life”—u/youcansuckaf—k

school lies, high school lies


Only parts of your tongue control the different tastes—u/SlimChiply


You won’t get anywhere in life without learning how to write in cursive—u/frequentstreaker


That they’re against bullying. All the schools I’ve been to don’t give a sh—t if someone is doing it.—u/Miserable_Degenerate