23 Things People Learned In School That Turned Out To Be Untrue


That grades in elementary and middle school actually matter. I had a 45 in my 5th grade history class at one point, and I LOVED history. I just didn’t like having to memorize the preamble to the constitution and other pointless things my school made us do. I now read and study history on my own and know far more history than the average person—u/jonahvsthewhale

school lies, high school lies


Hawai’ians wanted to be a territory so they could join the US and become a state and were overjoyed when they achieved statehood.—u/Notmykl


You can rely on authority figures to resolve your interpersonal conflicts.—u/closettransman

school lies, high school lies


College=High paying job.—u/MulleniumFalcon1


Abstinence-only sex ed —u/PhilboShaggins


Two things: Keep these papers they’re important don’t lose them (I ended up hoarding papers all the way from 1st grade to senior year of high school) If you ever get a C or into a fight or cheat you’ll never go to College and you’ll be blacklisted from applying or attending any of them.

I didnt really think of the impact these things had on me and suffice to say I feel like I’m worse off for it.—u/TurkyBLTSandwich


That blood is actually blue—u/Cahpowen

school lies, high school lies


That Napoleon is small and that Marie-Antoinette said “Let them eat cake”—u/nosmomo


Teachers aren’t biased—u/Rustyy60


That girls shoulders, collar bones, legs, arms, backs and knees need to be covered so the boys can learn properly.—u/Annia12345