25 People Who Are Married Or Related To Karens Share Their Experiences


“Not the married to one, but my moms a Karen. Literally overreacts to everything. Whenever something doesn’t go her way- you guessed: gotta speak to the manager or whoever is in charge. Sometimes really embarrassing to go out in public with her because she’ll just yell at the service workers for the smallest of things. Also, she has a bob cut.”—Effect3692


“Not married to a Karen, but married someone with a Karen for a sister. SIL is the freaking worst. I hate more than anything going out to dinner with her, listening to her order food, and talk to the servers. Holidays are also terrible, she sends out long lists of expected gifts list. She celebrates every holiday and birthday specifically for presents even when it not appropriate. Funny thing is one time I was away from the dinner table when the bill came and SIL waited for me to return to pay the bill by actually handing it to me. She didn’t give it to her sibling/my SO or pay her half, but expressly handed it to me to pay. Btw, her husband is an idiot and they are a match made in heaven.”—The_Thugmuffin


“H on E st L y she’s P erfect. she M ak E s me so happy.”—LogaRhythmicBlues 


“I know a couple with a Karen. She blamed him for EVERYTHING. The husband was (in our opinion) something of a saint. Once she broke a glass in the kitchen, she came and sat back down at the table, and said, “That was your fault.” We all just stared at her. She looked sheepish and said, “I knew that one probably wouldn’t work.” They’re divorced, now. I guess even saintliness has its limits.”—LozNewman


“Divorced Karen. Haven’t had a need to see a manager since.”—PandaPandaYeahYeah


“I knew from the beginning that there would be difficulties but I loved her and made the leap to make her my forever partner. Yes, her attitude towards certain people and things confused me at times, but by keeping an open mind and accepting her for who she was, everything has worked out well. We’ve been married for 10 years, we have a darling daughter, and I’ve even come to love my wife’s kimchi fried rice.”—734YTR667W354


“It is the absolute best I love my wife Edit: I didn’t write that.”—whatthescrap 


“I taught my nephews (ages 9 and 11) about ‘Karens’ last year when they stayed with us for a week after school let out. After describing traits and observing them in the wild, they asked somewhere around day 2… “Is our mom a Karen?” My reply: “You words, not mine.”—le_gasdaddy


“Not married. 4 years of a toxic relationship, though. I broke up with her on Monday, again. We’re kinda f*cked financially because of this lockdown so we are just feeling things out for a month before we decide for sure. This cycle is on repeat. I constantly have to cut her off and speak over her because of the way she treats people. 

She teaches kindergarten, while I teach high school. Now that we are working from home I hear how she speaks to her students and it’s really opened up another aspect of her personality that I don’t like. She will berate a student for not understanding instead of evaluating her ability to explain. Sh—tting on 3 year olds in their second language doesn’t fly with me. A lot of her behavior stems from a self-defence mechanism due to insecurity, but that’s not an excuse. She doesn’t realize how mean she is to people, including myself. I’m a people pleaser that would rather sacrifice my own comfort than someone else’s. She expects me to be an asshole to people because I’m a biggish guy with tattoos, I don’t exactly look soft. It’s toxic as hell, please help. PS. The sex is so good it rivals most porn, easily.”—throwawayyyyyprawn


“Engaged to one, she was raised like a princess by here military raised father. However, she’s super down to earth but god forbid you work in the service industry and mess something up. She worked at IHOP during college so it humbled her compared to her family. She just writes reviews now (good or bad) and emails corporate to complain. If something is wrong with my food she refuses me to sit there and eat it. Which I hate but I have gotten her better about it (I believe). So maybe she is just a recovering Karen at this point.”—556DaysOfBoog