25 People Who Are Married Or Related To Karens Share Their Experiences


“Best friend married a Karen. This woman is a whole different level of Karen. He makes a large 6 digit salary but has to work cycle shift away from home. She has the option to move from home so they can live as a family but refuses because she has what she calls a career. She sells scents and works a clerk job at an HR office… They have two kids, she can’t handle them. She makes him drive home from work every day so she can work out for 30 mins in the evening. It’s a 7-hours commute. He had to buy another vehicle because he couldn’t take the company vehicle back and forth. So expensive and dangerous.”—Awsm_POE


“My brother was married to a Karen. She lived to berate people and rarely went anywhere without a flask of vodka to fuel her fire. She despised kids and wasn’t quiet about it. In the first year of marriage, she decided her husband had to earn sex. So if she didn’t like the way he painted the shed or groomed the dog or poured his cornflakes (and she never did) there was no reward. After 10 years he divorced her, moved to another state, and married a kind-hearted, generous, empathetic lady. Karen still can’t understand why he dumped her “perfect” ass.”—fromthewombofrevel


“Not married to one but my mom is absolutely one. I spend most of my time with her in public apologizing to people after she’s walked away. The one and only time it comes in handy is when I’ve bought cars and had her come in during the price negotiation phase – she’s knocked off thousands purely due to how unpleasant she is and how much people want her to just get the hell out of the door.”—dogpunk


“My life has been a living hell. The number of times I have had to intervene to save the life of a customer service rep over nickels is insane. I’ve asked for divorce now just a couple weeks ago. Guess how that went over.”—Secret_MPH_Guy


“I’m divorcing a Karen. Nothing was ever good enough, everything had to be the most expensive thing and even then it wasn’t good enough. It was exhausting and it sucked the passion I had for life out of me.”—Haitisick

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