19 People Share The Most Messed Up Thing They Saw In School

School is a crazy time for a lot of kids because not only are they learning how to make friends, how to deal with bullies, and all the other social dynamics that come with growing up and becoming more independent, they have to do it during puberty. And on top of everything else: Homework.

Unless you were super popular growing up (and even sometimes then), school wasn’t always a walk in the park. In fact, it really sucked for a lot of people. Which is probably why there were over 40K upvotes to Redditor u/damitabbasquestion: “What was the most f—ked up thing you saw in school?” For many people, the most messed up thing they saw involved poop or some sort of dumb injury. Also, hawks.

messed up school stories

Read through these 19 messed up school stories and see where your own stacks up:


The white dove they released for “peace day” got immediately snatched mid flight by a red tailed hawk. This was in elementary school.—u/birdladymelia


A kid in my biology class accidentally stabbed his face with scissors. Then another kid chased him out of the room with a microscope slide to catch a few drops of blood. So he took his blood covered slide and the teacher resignedly let us see the red blood cells still moving around. The stabbed kid was fine. A few stitches and he was good to go.—u/CupcakesGalore822


My messed up school story: A guy literally sh—tting on a teachers desk—u/MrTuxedo1

messed up school stories


My middle school teacher did a thing were we could bring our pets to school. A kid in my class got attacked by a macaw after he tried to grab it off a desk so he could play with it and had to go to the hospital to get stitches. I was suspended and grounded for bringing a macaw to school.—u/Akita_Boi


A kid jumped over the balcony to try and beat the rush on mashed potato day. He broke both his legs. Did not get his potatoes.—u/violet-waves


A kid clipped the tip of his tongue off with a pair of safety scissors after someone dared him to.—u/Chefshipwreck5897

messed up school stories


The best prank played on a teacher I know of was when my younger brother found a giant test tube in the cupboards up the back of the chemistry lab. He farted in it, sealed it with his hand then walked up to the teacher and asked what experiment had been done in it because it had “a funny smell” Teacher naturally took an inquisitive sniff….—u/Apumptyermaw


Nothing that I personally saw at my high school was disturbingly f—ked up. Just weird. Some kid smuggled in a bunch of onions and clogged all the downstairs toilets with them. Who the hell does that?—u/SFxTAGG


Some dumb*ss kid stuck a pair of tweezers in an old outlet that didn’t even have a circuit breaker so idk how he didn’t die—u/kieks333

messed up school stories


In first grade a boy pulled his pants and underwear to bellow his knees and laid down on his back, then a girl spat on him. I don’t remember why but I will never forget that sight.—u/370013