19 People Share The Most Messed Up Thing They Saw In School


It was a rival football game and the stands were packed. A section of the old wood bleachers collapsed and 20 or so students went to the hospital with numerous broken bones, concussions, and lacerations of various degrees.

During the same game, I saw a guy get hit so hard in the leg that it shattered and both bones were showing. Poor kid ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of the school year.—u/asutch12


I was in 9th grade. One of our classmates got drunk, stripped and streaked the lunchroom, gymnasium, basically any place crowded. The staff was afraid to tackle a naked teenager so we all got an eyeful.—u/jinjurnjerd


Someone had taken a massive poop, it was larger than a coffee cup in width and considerably longer. So large it was impossible to flush. People were lined up into the halls to see this monstrosity, including faculty. You know it’s a small town when when a turd calls that much attention.—u/Stanleesteemer

messed up school stories


Middle school, I was chilling in the band room and I look out to the hall to see a kid with some sort of liquid coming out of his eye. Later I found out some kid stabbed his eye with a pencil—u/YourAveragePianist


A giant hawk swooped down on campus and sunk its talons into the back of a squirrel foraging for acorns about 20 or 25 yards from me. Scared the bejesus out of me. He stood on it like a boss for a few seconds and then flew off with it. This was at like 7:30 in the morning so it took me a while to wrap my brain around it. The guy walking in front of me spun around and said, “Please tell me you saw that.”—u/quercusmichauxii


I had a friend that was allergic to so many things he had to eat the same thing every day that he brought from home. I literally mean every day for years. He had a very bad day failed a test some things happened at home.

We met up at lunch and he had two slices of pepperoni pizza. He told said today seems like a good day to die and proceeded to wolf down both slices. I had never seen him so happy. I walked him to the nurse’s office as he ballooned up. He was hospitalized for 2 weeks. He never regretted the decision.—u/bubba9019

messed up school stories


My friends uncle had recently shot and gutted a deer. We decided to bring the severed deer head to school and unlocked the trophy cabinet and stuck the head in amongst the other trophies. In school suspension for all involved.—u/GrizzlyTravams


The boys in my class bred mold in one of the lockers. They managed to get milk so moldy, some yellow fluid was all around it. —u/Hentaigustav


In college, a guy dressed as Gandalf came into the classroom and said “thou shall not pass” then left. It was right before finals.—u/nathedeer99

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