21 People Share “The Most Disrespectful” Thing Anyone’s Done To Them

Reddit is perhaps best known for being the home of countless memes and countless sh*tposts but it’s primarily a place where people share stories.

Sometimes these are stories of personal triumphs or personal tragedies, and sometimes people just want to know: Am I The Assh*le? But other times people gather around the digital bonfire to swap stories about commonly held experiences and to commiserate.

Recently, someone on Reddit posed the question, “What is the most disrespectful sh*t someone has done to you?”

It’s a question for the ages, and boy did people have stories to tell.


My first job as a photography intern, my boss posted on Facebook that he was going to fire me hours before he told me. We were friends on Facebook at the time.



When I worked a kiosk someone sneezed into their hand and wiped it on my back when they passed by.



Was working at a Dairy Queen when I was 16. It was a hot summer day and a lady came in and dumped her melted blizzard upside down on my arm/hand. In the process it covered my register, the wall and the floor.. She started yelling about how her ice cream melted and how I need to make her a new one. She was served in the drive through….I was working the front counter inside. My coworker said she left over 20 minutes ago. I still had to make her a new one and give her a refund.



It was a first day of one of my college courses and we were telling everyone our names. I said mine and the professor said “My husband wanted to name our son that but I didn’t want him to get made fun of.”

EDIT: My name is Angus



I’m sure others have had it way worse, but when I was about 17, I was assembling a ride on train track (about 2 feet between rails) for an indoor amusement park when the owner of the company came in. He decided to help me. I don’t know why, I didn’t ask for help and didn’t need help.

He helped me put a couple track segments together and decided that was enough work for him so he got up off the floor and wiped his greasy, dusty hands off on my jeans. With my leg in them. I was seriously incensed.



A kid at school when i was younger who put out his cigarette out on my face.

Still got the burn scar.



For reference back in the day i was almost 300lbs, had long hair that was always in a pony tail and I was very timid and quiet. Anyways, in seventh grade a guy told me his friend had a crush on me, his friend was within ear shot and he, with full disgust said “Hell no I don’t, never her.” Im pretty sure they did it as a joke between themselves, but then other guys started chiming in (who they were not friends with) and adding their own two cents about how I was hideous.



Former boss owed me some back pay for a legit reason. My wife went into hospital for a month because of a complicated pregnancy. Baby was C-section and then had to be in the newborn intensive care unit. The day of the C-section, boss said he wasn’t going to pay me anything.



Yesterday at my job (supermarket) I went outside with some guy to bring the handicap scooter back in. He immediately began to yell at me and curse at me about how he’s handicapped and for not helping his wife unload their groceries. I tried explaining to him that because of the current situation, we cant touch people’s groceries unless they specifically ask us. He wouldn’t even let me talk, kept interrupting and insulting me. So I just stayed quiet and he eventually threatened to call his grandson to come kick my ass, then drove off with his wife who was also insulting me under her breath. Being an essential worker sucks…



My ex didn’t allow me to have any female friends and wouldn’t even let me say my best friend’s (female) name in front of her. We broke up because she fell in love with her best friend (male).