25 People No Longer Bound By NDAs Share The Secrets They Can Now Disclose


“When I was fired from Auntie Anne’s in 2010, I signed a 10 year non-compete/NDA contract, promising not to detail the baking secrets or work for another pretzel establishment. Well that ended this year so now I can run out and start a pretzel store because the secret I was keeping was making pretzels literally requires 2 products, one of them being water and the other a large bag of pretzel meal/dust/powder. Quite literally anyone with $2500 can start a pretzel stand and make perfectly fine pretzels, it’s not difficult whatsoever.”—thatbankteller


“I think I’m finally ready to let the world know my secret If you’ve ever used VeriCite – the loading spinners you see when the report loads aren’t waiting for anything. People kept complaining that reports were coming back too fast, so it must not be working right (it doesn’t take long to complete a few hundred Google searches simultaneously), so the loading spinner just makes you wait a few seconds longer so it feels like more is happening SO glad to finally get that off my chest!”—androiddoctorr


“I worked at a small bakery in New York City when I was younger. Every morning the bakery would take their day old cup cakes and deliver them to a tour company that did Sex and the City tours. The tour company would pass our cupcakes off as cupcakes from Magnolia, and significantly much more popular bakery.”—neverherebefore


“STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 EA WILL HAVE MICROTRANSACTIONS!! The NDA was signed in 2016, i was getting more and more worried as the release date kept getting closer and then it happened. The backlash was so strong that EA went down in the history books as most downvoted comment in Reddits history.”—Jovtobehannes


“McDonald’s made me sign a NDA regarding a robbery that took place during a graveyard shift. They made me take a f*cking polygraph test because they thought my ex and I were involved due to the simple fact that I had stopped by that day to pick up some documents. (I was a manager, I had business to do).”—xCarbonBasedCreature


“I worked at a gym. And in the showers there was yellow shampoo and blue body wash in pump dispensers. I found out that the only difference between the two soaps was the colour. EDIT: Memory jog as it was 25+ years ago. Hand soap was blue, Body wash was green, Shampoo was yellow. All the same.”—cdnpaul


“I used to work for a large gas station chain. I worked at its warehouse where it creates a lot of the donuts. The room was really hot so we were always sweating. There’s some machines where the donuts get glazed in chocolate. They’re these small machines they look almost like a bbq grill. They always wanted us to be super fast glazing the donuts. Working in a hot room and working at super fast speeds it was natural for a lot of peoples sweat to just drip in the chocolate underneath us. Never eat the chocolate donuts from a gas station.”—Opti-Free31


“I sued my boss for sexual harassment. I’m guessing I’m still not supposed to tell but f—ck them. Won some money, got a better job.”— lotusblossom60


“In the IT world, it is often that the piece of internal software or system that gives your company an edge is not quite as huge a deal as it seems. Often it is not much more than a couple of technologies mashed together to automate things in a way nobody else is doing yet. And those things are fiercely guarded. I had cases where people saw stuff in action and tried to replicate it but could not because they were missing just one small piece.”—CrustyBatchOfNature 


“Be careful if your pet needs specific shampoo supplied by a [email protected] gr* * ming salon. Last I worked there, they weren’t letting us order anything and we had to try to track down shampoos from other stores before they’d let us buy anything. Meaning if your dog needed hypoallergenic shampoo or you were paying for an expensive upgrade, it’s very possible that some of the products were unavailable. Often times we would have the furminator shampoo but no conditioner, and the conditioner is what reduces the shedding so we’d just have to use regular dog conditioner. We couldn’t stop selling these packages because that’s what they base our performance on. I was considered a bad salon leader cause I wouldn’t push these products we didn’t have.

….Oh and the reason a bunch of dogs died there is because people were likely not following the rules when handling dogs. Almost every salon I worked at had people like that. They aren’t supposed to be kenneling your flat faced dogs anymore because of it.

They’re also supposed to have a set of eyes on your dog at all time when they are tethered to the floor. Someone obviously neglected to do that a few months ago when that bulldog passed away. The training program their groomers go through is not very good either. They have 4 weeks to basically become full fledged groomers and a week is spent on computers. There’s never enough dogs to practice all of the cuts they should know. They also don’t kick out trainees who repeatedly cut dogs.”—AnonymousChaos