25 People No Longer Bound By NDAs Share The Secrets They Can Now Disclose


“The head-shop (smoke-shop) I used to work at sold whippets (nitrous cartridges) behind the counter under the guise of being “cake ingredients.” All someone had to do was walk in and say they were looking to bake a cake. I’m not sure if they still do it but I wouldn’t be surprised.”—EfficientProduct


“BCBS had a severe security breach back in 2007. If you were with them in a certain area of the country and ever called them the number for help on your account, ALL of your personal info was caught by a third party. Every caller, every piece of data.”—HeathenLemming


“I once had to sign an NDA to get a price on a printer for my sign shop. This was a printer that was only sold by one distributor, by the way, so there wasn’t even any direct competition on this particular model. I think they gimmick was that if they make a really big deal out of giving you this super-secret pricing that you’d be lulled into thinking it was really something special.”—aeroplane1979


“My “NDA” is classified military information. Of course, it’s almost 25 years now so I can tell you about the battle of Norfolk. We’re gonna shoot the other guys.”—yourdadsgaylover 


“The book you’re reading might only be a “bestseller” because the author had enough money to buy thousands and thousands of copies, have them shipped to a warehouse for storage, and eventually destroyed.”—mattzees 

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