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30 Men Share “The Most Romantic Thing” A Woman Has Ever Done For Them

We’ve all seen the cheesy Rom Coms where one person—usually the dude—throws some big elaborate party or flash mob in Grand Central (ahem, Justin Timberlake, yeah right) in order to profess their undying but previously unacknowledged love for a girl. It makes you wonder: Are people really that romantic — and do women also make these grand gestures for men?

The answer, surprisingly or not, is yes. People are actually really thoughtful and lovely—and the dudes of Reddit are here to attest to that. Whether it’s in a swoony display of romance and bravado or a small act of care and consideration, it’s clear that love is not dead. 

In a thread, Redditor u/LaFemmeAva, asked how women have made men swoon.

Men of reddit, what’s the most romantic thing a woman in your life has ever done? from r/AskReddit

Here are all their super sweet stories that will remind you that humans aren’t so bad after all:


“A woman I was dating worked late on my birthday one year and called to chat on her drive home. She apologized for missing my birthday and promised to make it up the next night. We talked for way longer than her typical drive, but I thought maybe she had gotten home and simply hadn’t told me. Instead, she drove across town and was circling my neighborhood (gotta love suburbs where everything looks the same) searching for my house. She eventually found it and surprised me with a pint of ice cream and a balloon. We got married two years ago.”—cnacke


“While I was working the whole day and eating sh—t like junk food. She cooked and placed it in front of my door while i was at work(she lived 1 hour away from me, so she just drove for that). Coming home, seeing all that delicious food in front of my door was heartwarming. I‘m hopefully marrying her this year.”—aatii_b


“I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses at a building on campus. By the time I realized I was in my dorm and was swamped with a paper. I was upset and expressed this to her. She left and came back soaking wet. She went back to campus and walked along every path I had taken and checked the building for me to try and find them as a pick me up. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find them but it was so sweet.”—Love_Avis


“My wife and I were having Thanksgiving with my grandparents and extended family. Most of who she had not met. We had just moved 2,000 miles for a job and happened to be about three hours from my grandparents. Something to know about my family is we are ruthless and are overly generous with sarcasm and insults. Almost 20 of my family members were just unleashing this superpower on me.

Mostly things along the line of my wife were way out of my league and too beautiful for me. My wife had been quiet this whole time. Finally one of my uncles asked here why someone so beautiful would settle for someone like his nephew. This was at the table with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Very formal in the near South. She looks him dead in the eye and says loud enough for even my most deaf relative to hear. “I married him for his penis.” She then went back to her dinner and they chose a different victim. TL/DR Most romantic thing my wife ever did for me was tell my family at Thanksgiving dinner she was with me due to my dong.”—YeahIprobablydidit


“She bought us tickets to Cedar Point even though she was afraid of roller coasters.”—RhinoDuckable 


“I didn’t have a mattress throughout high-school, and my then-girlfriend came over for the first time and she looked very disgruntled, so she talked to her parents and arranged a surprise visit for me to go to Ikea and get a bed and a desk, i’ve never loved someone so much.”—zac_bubbles


“I dated a girl who decorated a matchbox with the message “We’re a great MATCH!”, and filled it with edible “matches”; little pretzel sticks dipped in colored chocolate at the end to look like a match. She clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it, which was really what meant the most to me.”—howlincoyote2k1


“I broke my leg 3 months into a relationship (unrelated to the relationship). My family had just left town that day. I had emergency surgery; she drove me to the surgery, picked up my meds during the surgery, picked me up when I woke up, drove me back to her place and took care of me for a month there. This included sponge baths, waking up to give me pain killers in the middle of the night so I wouldn’t wake up in agony, having food for me during the day when she went to work, and making sure I was happy overall. 4 years later and we are still together. If all that sh—t ain’t romantic, I don’t know what is.”—ringadingdinger


“My last girlfriend arranged a surprise birthday party for me at a trampoline park. I was turning 30.”—AllPurposeNerd 


“After a particularly bad day, laid my head on her chest, pet me and told me everything would be okay.”—teknosqurl