30 Men Share “The Most Romantic Thing” A Woman Has Ever Done For Them


“A girl I knew, knew I had a thing for her so she pretended she couldn’t find her phone, then asked if someone could call it. I said sure what’s your number? We got married a year later for 15 years.”—omegaweapon


“Pulled me to a dance floor dragging a chair behind her, standing up on the chair and we danced. I’m quite tall.”—buscamares


“I’ve always had a passion for astronomy and it had been a childhood dream of mine to see the CERN supercolider in Switzerland. My gf not being much scientific herself didn’t understand the beauty of such technology (she’s an English teacher), started to cut back on expenditure on things she liked for a couple of months. I occasionally offered some financial support but she always kissed me saying there’s nothing to worry about and so like any partner I worried my ass off. Some months passed it was nearing my birthday. I hadn’t seen my GF all day as she went to work yet she arrived late. She came up to me with an envelope and simply sat beside me anticipating my reaction. I slipped out 2 tickets to my childhood dream into my hands as well as cried like a child in her warm embrace. I’m smiling so much typing this! But she, without even leaving any hints, sacrificed so many months of comfort just to fulfill a dream of mine.”—SolomonKhalifa 


“My wife did a few things for me that I definitely consider romantic. There was a time I was really hungover so she (being a paramedic) started an IV on me and put two bags of fluids on me. Made me feel a lot better. She would also make me breakfast and bring it to me just as I was getting up for work in the afternoon (I work nights). She would also shave my neck when I couldn’t get to the barber. I never asked her to, she always offered. F—k, I miss her.”—bigcanada813


“Threw me an unbelievable surprise 50th birthday party that had 75 attendees including friends from out of state and kept it a complete surprise from me. Absolutely blew me away the amount of work, months of coordination, and care that she put into it. One of the best nights of my life. This was just this past January. I got her a calendar with pictures of dogs pooping on it. Pretty sure we’re even.”—fluffy_butternut


“My wife cut my hair tonight cause I can’t go to the barber and she knew it was bugging me.”—Humptythe21st


“Best friend passed away unexpectedly and I couldn’t sleep. She cuddled, scratched my back, and sang until I fell asleep. She didn’t even get up despite waking up in a pool of sweat. l appreciated her immensely and still do.”—sirensslave


“My birthday was the 9th and since we can’t go out she made me my own escape room in our house. It made me feel so loved I almost cried. I lucked out with the greatest girl in the world.”—LanikM


“When me and my fiancée were dating, I always joked about visiting a place called Hillbilly hot dogs after seeing a post about it online. Well a year or so after I first started talking about it, my boss calls me and tells me to head home early (this was about a week after my birthday). I ask him what’s up and he just said the other guys will finish the day out. I get home and my gf told me to pack 3-4 days of clothes but she wouldn’t tell me where we were going.

We hopped in the car and sure enough, a few hours later we were in front of hillbilly hotdogs. I couldn’t believe it. We just had the best time eating there in the section that’s an old converted school bus. After that, we ended up driving down to NC to stay at her cousins near the beach for a few days and just enjoy each other’s company. On the way back she said we would stop at any stupid roadside attraction, I wanted to since she knew I loved them. Honestly, it was the most wonderful gift I’ve ever received.”—smockglarp


“My long-distance gf flew 6000 km to spend her two weeks winter vacation with me.”—koryzer