30 Men Share “The Most Romantic Thing” A Woman Has Ever Done For Them


“On my birthday a few years ago my girlfriend told me to pack my bag and some warm gear. I thought she was taking me on a surprise camping trip, but instead, we hopped on a train to the airport and flew to Norway. We ended up going husky sledding, spending the night in a yurt at the husky lodge, going snowmobiling up to a canyon, staying in an ice hotel, and going on a northern lights tour (lucky enough to catch a particularly awesome display too). She also made the effort to get in touch with a guy I had recently done some business with online who I had really liked. He picked us up from the airport in a chauffeur hat with a sign, and then took us all around Oslo to see the sights and to meet his family.”—mrdannysantos


“My wife paid off all my debt and student loans with a smile and hugged me after she did. She didn’t have an inch of sadness parting with all that money. I have autism and she continues to support me and all my strangeness.”—javajuicejoe


“I loved pirates and it was my birthday. I’m a cook and I love food and all things related. While I was at work my girlfriend at the time made a pirate scavenger hunt with a piece of paper she burned and made look like a map. I was turning 23 and that was the best thing ever.”—Surferly91


“In the movie “Die Hard” a girl runs and throws herself into the arms of a guy she is meeting, who is getting off of a plane. She jumps up and into his arms. Ever since I saw that, oh so many years ago, I’ve wanted someone to be so thrilled to greet me that they threw themselves into my arms like that. It took me 40+ years, but it did eventually happen, and the girl had no idea it was something I’d always fantasized about. It became a thing for us – when we hadn’t seen each other in a while, she’d run and just jump into my arms.”—HeteroflexibleK


“She stood up for me. I was in high school and I had a crush on my best friend, but she didn’t feel the same way and it was straining the friendship to a breaking point. I also had a speech impediment. We both participated in Model UN and after it ended, a group of us were sitting in front of the school waiting for pickup. A group of girls who had just met me were talking about me and mimicking my voice, and my crush overheard. She confronted them and gave ’em hell. I found out about this later. Though we never really reconnected, I’ve always been deeply touched that even though she wasn’t interested in me, she was still committed to defending me as a person.”—blinkymach


“A girl in high school baked me sugar cookies spelling out a message, asking me to prom. I immediately said yes. A couple of years later she came out as a lesbian. It’s okay though, I came out as gay shortly after too.”—brunettedude 


“I was running a fever and slept on the couch outside. Throughout the night I would wake up to see my girlfriend kneeling on the floor, using a wet handkerchief to sponge me down. I love her so much.”—mostibusp


“After having a schizophrenic episode in my sleep, I jumped out of the bed, bawling sweat and tears and silently screaming. She woke up, hugged me, gave me lots of kisses and put my head against her chest, where I could calmly hear her heart beating and where I ended up falling asleep again. I woke up the next morning, the first thing I saw was her cute in-love look accompanied by her adorable smile and the feeling of her hands caressing my head and face. I had never felt so loved, taken cared for and appreciated.”—TheLonelyBanana117


“My girlfriend paid for a maritime course that I couldn’t afford so that I could get a higher license and a better paying job. We’re married now and I’m a Captain.”—Slymee_Remington


“She was a graffiti artist. An excellent one and the kind that would sneak into railyards. She did a mini mural with my first name and the date. I have a picture and look at it all the time. “—mindfeces

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