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People Now Working From Home Are Seeing Another Side Of Their Romantic Partners (26 Tweets)

Quarantine has forced thousands and thousands of people to start working from home. For couples, this might be the beginning of the end of their relationship. We have no idea who our partners turn into between nine and five and we shouldn’t ever have to know. Unfortunately, it’s too late to turn back the clock to that time of innocence.

Style Magazine deputy editor Laura Norkin used Twitter to shine a light on the new knowledge everyone is acquiring about the people they love that is turning their feelings into hate. From listening in on her husband’s conversations, she’s discovered that he’s the guy who says “let’s circle back” to things. Divorce! Him!

Soon everyone was sharing the weird quirks and verbal ticks they’ve witnessed that have made them realize their spouse is the last person on earth they would befriend in the workplace. It’s making a lot of people reconsider their life choices! And it’s hilarious.

Look, we are all lucky to have people in our lives who we can still hug. While many petty fights might erupt at home over the coming weeks, we have to remember that this will end. Try to be supportive and remember that these freaks on conference calls in your living room will eventually go back to the office.