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20 Little Things Women Should Know About Their Boyfriends, According To Reddit

If you’re in a relationship, it’s likely there’s something specific that your partner likes—and you should know that thing. Over on Reddit, guys are talking about the things every woman should know about her boyfriend—questions to ask your boyfriend, things to notice, etc. But let’s be real—it doesn’t matter if your partner is a guy or a girl or nonbinary. Figure out if the person you’re dating likes daisies or roses, how they take their coffee, and what their love language is. Here are some of the best responses, from the very specific (Chex Mix!) to the more general. 


“When he needs alone time. Sounds like a snarky answer, but I’m dead serious.” — stealyurbase


“His love language. I know a lot of folks think it’s sappy, but knowing what you can do to make someone feel loved is key.” — youfailedthiscity


“What kind of beer he likes to order at fancy restaurants.” — pamela271


“His favorite scents. Nothing better than burying your face into your SO’s hair, shoulder, lap, etc… And just taking a nice big whiff.” — Nugbuddy


“Where he usually puts his wallet when he’s fumbling around the house going ‘where’s my wallet?'” — HavingALittleFit


“Any habits he is trying to change, small ways you can encourage or remind him.” — ktisis


“What he ACTUALLY does for a living. As a guy, I love it when my gf asks me about the details of what I do, since it’s my opportunity to give her some insight into my daily routine. And I love when she explains it to others, because it shows that she listens to me.” — DirtyDan4673


“How he takes his coffee. Does he drink it black, or does he like cream and sugar? How much cream and sugar? Cream vs milk, sugar vs sweetener? Nothing nicer than your SO bringing you a perfectly mixed cup of coffee while you’re trying to wake up in the morning.” — allyup732


“HIS favourite flower!” — beauty-and-rage

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