20 Little Things Women Should Know About Their Boyfriends, According To Reddit


“Know your man’s quirks and hobbies. Like if you notice he really enjoys his beard, get beard products and encourage him to get those whiskers growing!! If he has a favorite hobby you can always support them by researching and helping with projects if he wants you to be involved. Giving your time is a very important thing and that goes both ways.” — SpicyRedDoberman


“We sometimes are not willing or able to really open up about what is bothering us. Often we will bury our issues, when we really need to talk about them.” — Javad0g


“Favorite pen.” — februaryleaf


“Seriously, what’s your fetish babe.” — bottle-me


“Where they want to live. Big city? Small city? Town? Village? In the middle of nowhere? Maritime or mountains? Near family, or deliberately far away?” — Liadan


“Favorite part of Chex mix.” — CcHhUuMm


“If you have no desire for pets and she really wants a cat…but you really hate cats there could be issues.” — egnards


“What they would do with a sudden $10,000 windfall.” — AnotherPint


“Favorite guilty pleasure snack. ( chocolate, chips, etc.)” — black_magic1514


“What he’s most insecure about. So you can slide in those little compliments here and there.” — okeapele

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Patricia Grisafi

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