People Who Work The Night Shift Are Sharing Their Horror Stories (15 Stories)


“More of a very weird event. Sometimes work night shifts. One time was going home around 4am or so. It was pitch dark outside and very quiet. Person on a bike came out of nowhere, said he remembered me from middle school (even said the right school name), and rode off.” — jmedina94


“Used to work night shift at a 24 hour Walmart. Customers are nuts enough in the daytime, but they become WEIRD after midnight. Once had an elderly guy come in wearing only a jean jacket and fishnet stockings. He came up to my register, leaned in, and asked if we carried anything to get rid of lice…Those plastic barriers all stores have now to protect cashiers? They need to keep those even after the pandemic ends. I lost count of the times customers got into my personal space to ask about products for fleas, lice, rashes, etc.” — thrown12212020


“Work in the winter for me is plowing and snow removal, it was late and I had been out for over 24hrs at this point, pulled over into a small cul de sac with the nearest house being over a 100 yds away so I could let the truck stay on so I could stay warm (6 wheel mack things loud). As I’m nodding off, there was a very loud bang and it felt like someone then pulled on my driver side door handle. Luckily I always lock my truck doors. I immediately threw on every strobe/rear/headlight and started looking around and I saw absolutely nothing it scared the s**t out of me. Needless to say I never sleep anywhere other then lit parking lots now.” — Lovetopuck37


“Worked as an evening manager at a major Hilton property. Got a complaint from a bunch of guests about the noise coming from one of the rooms. Turns out, a drunken man was beating the shit out of his wife and had the door barricaded so we couldn’t get in. I called the cops, and they had to get into the room using the balcony from the room next room over. I’m still traumatized by what I saw when they finally arrested him and got the wife out of the room. She was covered in blood. It was horrifying.” — StevesMcQueenIsHere


“Was walking through the simulation lab for nursing students at the hospital I work at on very little sleep, all the lights were off and it was my first time working night shift, turned a corner and saw what I thought was a person standing behind a lamp that was on, turns out it was a mannequin holding the pull cord. Really freaked me out and I was awake after that.” — Ghoulthrower676

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