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25 People Share Their “Worst Sexual Experience”

Sex can be wonderful, or it can go completely wrong even when both consenting adults have the best of intentions. The body is mysterious and extremely prone to injury and after reading the responses to this r/AskReddit question, I am getting my genitals insured.

Redditor u/Bigstraight68 asked, “What is your worst sexual experience?”

Some of the reason sex was bad for the commenters had to do with emotional disconnect, break ups, weird friendships that should have stayed friendships, and strange Freudian slips. But a whole lot of people just wrecked their junk doing more than they had stretched for.

Please, be careful out there, folks. Take it slow, check limits beforehand, and seriously reconsider that piercing. Piercings didn’t go well for anyone here:


Having sex with a friend because we were both lonely and depressed. Sad, passionless experience that ruined the friendship. —cue_s


I threw the condom over my shoulder in preparation for round 2 because I got a second wind. While im busy doing the deed I hear an awful gagging/choking sound behind me. The cat was choking on the discarded condom, semen and all. My girl friends mum bursts in the room thinking someone is dying. You can imagine how the rest plays out… GG —zagacious


Slept for the first time with a guy I’ve been seeing for two months. He was done in under two minutes and wanted to go to sleep. I was like, ok.. and turned sideways to face the wall. He spooned me and cupped my right breast from behind and said “this is how I sleep with my mom”. —ladyhighbun


My ex once kicked me in the stomach when she had an orgasm. I was on top, so i fell to the floor and split my head open. Had to stay in hospital overnight…—Ropek13


My coworker and I both got wasted after the work holiday party and started hooking up. Right before we were gonna do the deed I started having second thoughts. Not knowing how to verbalize that in my altered state of mind, I just burst into tears. He probably thinks the sight of his d*ck made me cry. We’re cool now but he didn’t look me in the eye for weeks. —PositivePoet79


K so my ex and I (early/mid twenties) decided to have a quickie before work. Well, we were fighting the clock so there wasn’t much foreplay, he f*cked me from behind on the bed. We finish and then all I hear is this horrified scream. I look and see blood all over the sheets. My immediate thought was oh f—k that’s a heavy and unexpected period…. then I see him holding his d*ck, blood literally spurting through hands.

Turns out he ripped his frenulum. Foreplay is important, friends. —endriticbranch


When I was 20, I had a long distance girlfriend and when she was in town, we would really go at it. Ya know, releasing a couple months of pent up sexual frustration in a couple days.

I got into a weird position, and it was straining something in me, I just didn’t know what. I’m about to switch, but then I noticed she was responding really well. So I said to myself “man, I’ll just suck it up” and went for it for a while till she got hers. We both finished and I thought all was good.

She left, and a week later I noticed a bulge forming just above my d*ck. Fearing the worst; d*ck cancer or some such nonsense, I went and saw a doctor. Yep, got a hernia. Had to get surgery.

TLDR: Great sex. Very expensive. 7/10. —Superdunez


He stopped halfway through, wandered away and came back with a bowl of rice krispies……I married him. —f—kinyaldi


My current girlfriend rubbed some muscle cream on my legs after a bit of sport. She then started to go down on me, forgetting to wash her hands after the cream. I started to feel a little hot and cold sensation which ended up in scorching pain for about 30 minutes. We laugh about it today but in the heat of the moment, it was the worst thing ever. —hugeduck777


Very romantic jacuzzi tub setting with music and candles. She’s sitting on top facing the same way as me. Leans back to kiss me, and her hair catches fire from the candles behind us. Luckily it was put out quickly but the smell and cleanup was the worst. —umpie-cabies