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“What Do You Have No Sympathy For?”—20 Replies

u/Boss31112 asked AskReddit:

“What do you have no sympathy for?”

And people delivered. From the very specific to the more general and universal, we got a great list of things people just do not have the time for anymore.

Let us know what you’re totally over in the comments!

1. After death

People who pretend they had the strongest relationship with someone who has just died. 


2. Animals

People who taunt animals and then get bit.


3. “Family”

People who abuse family and then try to use the word family to create a cult that you can never leave or disagree with.


4. Oh, hello, it’s the consequences of my own actions

People who lack any accountability for their actions & decisions.


5. Losing your shit on planes

People who lose their shit on planes and abuse staff/passengers….should be fined for every hour of everyone’s time they waste if flight is delayed/stopped and never allowed to fly again.


6. Zoo patrons

People who ignore signs and warnings at zoos and get mauled.


7. Ignoring signs

 People who disregard fences and signs at places like the Grand Canyon.


8. TV Evangelists

Evangelists who prey on their elderly viewers. “touch the tv with your right hand, and use the phone in your left hand to donate, Jesus will heal you” BULLSHIT!

Those televangelists follow the model of “prosperity gospel” in which they believe that wealth is a sign of God’s favor, and that by simply believing and praying for money—in addition to donating copious amounts of money to various Christian ministries—is what will take you there.

Last week one of those bastards claimed that Jesus hasn’t come back, because THEY DIDN’T GIVE HIM ENOUGH MONEY!


9. YouTubers

YouTubers that try to prank people for likes…


10. Predators

Child predators. Those fuckers are the lowest of the low for preying on innocent children.


11. Manipulators

Manipulators in relationships, be it as family members, friends or colleagues.


12. Companies

Companies who publicly whine that nobody is applying for their jobs or wants to work anymore, but doesn’t think anyone without a bachelor’s, 3-5 years of experience, and mastery of two coding languages is worth considering for an entry level job that pays minimum wage and doesn’t offer health insurance. Fuck those guys with a Dremel.


13. Medication expenses

The people who decide and allow medications that are necessary to live to be expensive.


14. Connections

Anyone that gets away with crime just because they have connections.


15. Parenting

Bad parenting. Toxic or cruel or neglecting. You don’t have to have kids. So love them and do right by them or just don’t have them.


16. Liars

For me what’s worse is the people who know the truth and are actively spreading misinformation to the stupid and ignorant people to manipulate them for their own benefit.


17. Litterers

This makes my blood boil whenever I see it happen. I watched as someone threw napkins out their car window last weekend at a stop sign. I honked at them and they flipped me the bird. Were they raised by savages?? Ugh.


18. People who text and drive

Every time I nearly miss an accident the person in the other car is texting. My husband lost a friend because some gal was texting while driving. I heard somewhere that texting while driving may soon exceed drunk driving as a cause of injury or death. Unfortunately, you can’t breathalyze for stupid.


19. Ads

The people who create mobile game ads.


20. Aggressive Drivers

You’re driving a giant death machine and refuse to use your blinkers, tailgate, and risk your life to make an exit, all to save 2 minutes. I might feel sympathy for your passengers, but if your face hits the pavement or you road rage the wrong person I don’t feel bad for you.