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OB/GYNs Share The “Most Mindblowing Things” A Birth Partner Has Done Or Said (15 Stories)


“We had this hick that thought his wife was going to deliver the baby out of her a**hole. He became visibly upset when we told him it comes out of the vagina. True story.” — Deep_Drones


“Sister is a nurse in the mom/baby unit who will also work in labor and delivery. One dad asked for a c-section ‘so her vagina wouldn’t be ruined.’ Or another dad asking for her to ‘be stitched up extra tight after delivery.'” — littleneerd


“Not exactly what you’re asking but when the midwife told my wife it was time to start pushing, I asked if they could wait so I could poop first. Glad I did too! She pushed for a while!” — jwink3101


“One gynecologist told us once about their gynecologist in training. We all knew him. He was a young, friendly and good guy to work with. He was already married, father of 2 kids at the age of 25. This guy had only one negative aspect. And it was affecting his work dearly. He was extremely religious. This doesn’t have to be negative. But his decision making was based on his religion, and he often refused to offer contraceptives to his female patients and he was reserved talking and explaining contraception methods with couples. It was against his religion. Eventually word got around with his superiors, and they had to sit him down. Explaining him it’s against the law to withhold any form of help and information.” — AnalUkelele


“Not quite what you are asking for but when my wife was pregnant she fell down the stairs because our other child decided she wanted to jump out of Mom’s arms. Cue the all the bruising and preterm labor. After that, appointments got really awkward. Nurses were short with me. I finally told my wife that I had a feeling the staff didn’t like me and I figured I’d sit the next appointment out unless she really wanted me there. My wife said she noticed all of this and decided to ask a nurse what the deal was. Turns out the whole office just assumed I’m the one who pushed her down the stairs. I wasn’t even home when it happened. That’s when I found out that I apparently look like the type of guy who would push a pregnant woman down the stairs.” — CaptainAwesome06

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