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People Share The Weird Things They Find Oddly Attractive About Others (20 Posts)

A recent post on AskReddit inquired:

“What do you find sexually attractive about someone that most people might find strange?”

As you can imagine, the thousands of replies varied from charming and sweet to unconventional and downright strange. Truly, there really is someone for everyone. Here are 20 of the thread’s best (and horniest) responses.

1. A nice sidearm

“My girlfriend’s arms. She ALWAYS wears sweaters so when I see her bare arms I get a little aroused cus I only see ’em when we’re having sex. Seeing ’em in a nonsexual situation always feels taboo, like seeing a an ankle in colonial times.”


2. Wisdom teeth

“Slightly big teeth. Specifically the front. And a nice teeth/gum ratio. Not saying a perfect smile but slightly big teeth.”


3. Laugh lines

“Smile lines around the eyes. Lots of crinkles when they laugh ❤️”


4. Heart-eyes

“Glasses tend to make men at least 60% more attractive to me.”


“Glasses. I literally have no idea why, but I looked back at my last 4 girlfriends and they’ve all had glasses. I guess I just find glasses hot.”


5. Masked attraction

“Masked guys. Like Michael Myers, or Ghost from COD [Call of Duty].”


6. Primal instinct

“My hubby is a phenomenal gorilla impersonator. Knuckles on the floor, butt protruding, puffing noise, all of it. Wouldn’t you know it, more often than I’d care to confess, that has led me to my bed! I’d want to say it’s primarily because he makes me laugh so much, but man, there are times when I think, “Wow, that gorilla is very gorgeous.””


7. Happy trail

“I once had a one night stand with a young woman who had a decent little hairline towards her belly button. I don’t know what it’s called but I liked it.”


8. All ears

“Cute ears. Some guys just have cute ears and it’s attractive for some reason. I can’t even tell you what makes an ear cute.”


9. Passion pits

“I love armpits. Every time I hook up with a girl I smell her armpits. I usually act funny when I do it and they usually laugh, but I actually like doing it.”


10. Dumb-thicc eyebrows

“I love thick eyebrows on a man.”


11. The allure of a cargo pant

“Cargo pants on women. All my guy friends tell me I’m crazy, but my lesbian friends immediately understand.”


12. Shorties

“I love to stan a short king. Charlie Day really gets me hot and bothered, especially in Pacific Rim.”


“Shortness in a man. I once had a whole fuck buddy relationship for no other reason than the fact that the guy was 5’1″. We really didn’t like each other; we only liked the fact that I thought he was exceptionally hot.”


13. Natural reflexes

“Good reflexes. I saw a CVS clerk drop a receipt and catch it before it hit the ground and now I’m in love with her.”


14. Sock it to me

“Kooky socks. I will not be explaining further.”


15. A plant daddy

“I recently realized I’m attracted to guys with lots of knowledge about plants.”


16. Bracefaces



17. Excel-lent

“Love watching my boyfriend work on excel sheets. He thinks I’m kidding when I tell him it’s hot but it’s so hot watching him do things he’s good at.”


18. The curse of the blackened eye

“A black eye always turned me on since I was a kid and didn’t understand what I was feeling. Gonna get weird here, but I think the first time I felt anything remotely close to arousal was during the scene in A Bug’s Life where Thumper beats up Flik and gives him a black eye. I felt really uncomfortable watching it with my parents in the room because… I liked it and didn’t know why.

Maybe it was the bravery thing? I definitely don’t actually want any guy I like to get hurt lol.”


19. East coast accents

“Boston and NY accents. People think they are rough and unattractive(that’s what I’ve heard) but I LOVE them!”


20. Hump day

“Camel toes are hot.”


Stay horny and weird, Reddit.