People Are Sharing The Best “You Have No Power Here” Moments (20 Stories)


My dad called me after I moved out to inform me that the lawn was getting pretty long and needed to be mowed.

“So?” I asked.

“Well, just because you don’t live here anymore doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility,” he said.

“Yes it does,” I said, and hung up on him.



I taught my 6th grade students about democratic processes, and we ran a simulation. Without fail, every one of my classes tried to impeach me.



I used to work at a few Subways. Thing is, the owner inherited them when she already had a busy and lucrative career elsewhere. She mainly held on to them to employ immigrant family members, I think. One time, she was in the back when she heard me interact with an angry customer. Afterward, she came out and said, “You know you don’t have to take shit like that. I trust you, you can use your judgment and just toss anybody out who talks to you like that.”

After that I wouldn’t take any shit from anybody. Slightest hint of backtalk to your Sandwich Artist, and you were out on your ass, still hungry. It was so much fun.

“Let me speak to your manager.”

“No. Get out.”

“I’m going to call and complain.”

“OoOoOoOoOh I’m terrified. Go nuts, but you can’t call from in here, because you’re trespassing now.”

The sheer indignance of an entitled customer when you don’t bow and scrape before them is really something to behold.



When I tended bar at a local brewery, people would come in asking for some random one-off beer from four years ago. No harm in asking of course, but some people would get pissed like I was hiding it from them. Whenever they got to the point of saying “I don’t believe you” I’d say “okay” and walk away.

Like, you’re literally just telling me that this conversation doesn’t matter, you’re not going to listen to anything I say, and you’re clearly the kind of asshole who won’t tip, so… why would I try to make you happy?



A co-worker friend of mine was flying back from a sales conference in Vegas and he was able to upgrade to a first class seat. We had this bitch sales VP that was on the same flight – she was the snobby, entitled type with a full time nanny and giant McMansion in the suburbs, and she generally treated people who worked for her like servants.

She sees him in a first class seat as she is making her way to coach and asks him how he got that seat (he used points to upgrade). As people are getting settled in, she makes her way back up to the first class cabin and asks to speak with the lead flight attendant. She tells him that one of her underlings is sitting in first class, and that she needs to switch with him since she’s higher on the corporate ladder.

The guy can’t believe what he’s hearing, but she won’t take no for an answer. Finally he tells her she has to go back to her seat, or she will be escorted from the plane. She made a complete ass of herself in front of the whole first class cabin.



I work at a hotel. Its high end, so we often take the approach of just appeasing guests no matter what, so I frequently have to bite my tounge. However, we have a very desirable parking lot, and when people poach it we boot them. I love enforcing these, because I don’t have to bite my tounge or apologize, as they aren’t guests. My favorite one was this:

Girl parks, and walks to neighbor hotel. Our gm happens to be in the lot, and says hey just fyi this is parking for x hotel, not z hotel. She proceeds to say fuck you, flips him off, and walks into neighbor hotel.

Gm calls me, and tells me. I giggle, grab the boot and slap it on her car. She comes back screaming and ranting. I tell her the cost is $200. She calls the police. The police ask “is this a private lot?” Yes. Ok then pay them. She refuses to pay and storms off. I get a call requesting the manager. I speak with them, its the girls mom. She is trying to say “oh my daughter didn’t know, she was for a job interview” yada yada. I let her go on, and when she finally stops making excuses, I tell her that her daughter flipped off the gm, and there is no way the boot is coming off without payment. On top of that, i tell her when she pays she better not come in swearing or yelling, or the price goes up to 300. She hangs up, the daughter comes back and silently hands me 200, with a look of rage on her face. I’ve never been so internally giggly before.



We had an HR lady who was extremely power hungry.

She is walking around with the president of the company who flew in from Japan. She rushes him though the warehouse. Just spits out “oh these are the warehouse guys we don’t have to stop and talk to them.”

He stops walks over and starts talking to me about my last vacation. How buying my house went. You could just see her fuming behind him as we talked for almost 45mins. I’ve had multiple meeting with him we knew each other really well.

I don’t think he liked her and drug it out on purpose but I was thrilled to see her just standing there bored as hell.



In my first apartment, my parents came to visit, and I said “F–k!” when I hit my head on the open door of the freezer while standing up from grabbing something from the fridge.

My mother said “You can’t talk like that in my hou…” and stopped midsentence.



My normally very sweet, supportive mother was a terror to drive with when I was on my learner’s permit. She’d scream, shout, brace herself against the dash. It got to a point where I’d jump anytime she made any sudden movements while I was driving because I thought she was going to scream at me.

In my early 20s, I got the first car that I bought myself, paid insurance on, and the like. I was driving through a construction zone and she tried her usual thing. When I told her to knock it off, she said, “I can do what I want” basically. I said, “Not in MY car. I’m done with you acting this way. If you don’t knock it off, I’m going to drop you off at the next rest stop and dad can pick you up.” My dad was following us in my parent’s car, so I wasn’t ditching her. She’d just be transferring cars. After that, it all stopped. She may be doing it in her head, but she doesn’t do it on the outside anymore.

The fuck of it all is, now that I’m a pretty experienced driver I can tell you she is one of the worst drivers I’ve ever ridden with.



Not sure if this exactly fits but my son worked at Walmart and they had a manager ordering the workers to do unsafe stuff that was against policy and my son told him he wasn’t going to do it. The mgr said, you have to cause I’m the manager. My son said, dude that’s like being the mayor of a trailer park, no one cares. Mgr shut up and walked away.


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