21 People Who Blast Their Music With The Windows Wide Open Share Why


My old neighbor at the apartments I lived at used to just sit in his car outside the apartments and blare his music with heavy bass. My apartment windows would rattle and was hard to hear the tv. I friended him to the point when I had a girl come over id text him and he’d stop for the night.

He would play his music like that until 10pm which is noise curfew around here. A lady across the street was a single mother studying to be a doctor and asked him multiple times to stop cause kids are trying to sleep or she was studying. He would just tell her to fuck off and he’d stop at 10pm. He’s thankfully gone now.—u/mrgeebs17


Because everyone should be listening to Dance Mix ’95 too.—u/nekkidhippyhobo


Because I don’t use AC in my car and I still like to jam out to my music. Whenever I have to slow down or come to a stop, I lower the volume to mitigate my obnoxiousness.—u/SmegmaOnDemand


I feel like I’m the only one who likes these people. Obviously there’s a time and a place for everything, and if you’re one of these dudes who pulls into the parking lot at work blasting Insane Clown Posse every day then yeah, fuck off. But if I hear a good song coming out of somebody’s car I’ll look it up on Shazam. I’ve discovered a lot of good stuff that way—u/DanHam117


There’s not much that beats jamming out with the wind in your hair, honestly.—u/Throwawaymytrash77


I have very little else going on in my life. This is the only way I can feel cool.—u/Victor_Korchnoi


How else am I gonna show off my obviously superior taste in music?—u/AparGaming


I usually drive alone, so I turn on music on the loudest so I can feel the beat and sing (read – scream like a cat during mating season) along without hearing myself. And fresh air feels good, believe it or not. I always turn it off when driving into a city. I can’t see when music is on.—u/trophybabmbi


People who are so damn precious about every little thing others do, why are you like that?—u/Friendly5gLizardJew


Honest answer? I don’t give a f**k if you have to hear my music for 20 seconds at a stop light—u/bigtimesauce


because it’s my car, and i’m allowed, and i’m usually only beside a person stopped for a max of 5 minutes and then i drive away and they can’t hear it anymore. problem solved.—u/CorsetCorgis

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