People Are Sharing “Unwritten Rules” Of Being Poor You Might Not Know About (17 Rules)


“Don’t ask for anything because you won’t get it.” — MamaOnica


“A/C was only for company. I lived in S. Florida and didn’t know I could use the air conditioner without having someone over until I moved out of my parents home.” — AwesomePossumID


“If someone buys you food at a restaurant order as cheaply as possible even if they tell you order whatever you want. Used to get death glares from parents if I ordered something 10 bucks or over at a place where average prices was 10 bucks. If you can get a burger and fries for 8 you better be eating a burger.” — RaphaelSolo


“I was the scholarship/grant kid at a wealthy private school. So I was never allowed to invite people home because we didn’t have a mansion like everyone else did. Legit, when I went to sleepovers, they were in mansions. Homes I still haven’t seen the likes of in my adult life among peers. Just old money type homes. I could make playdates for the mall or the movies or we could meet at the amusement park my mom got free tickets to. But don’t invite them home. And if you’re getting dropped off, any excuse for them no to come inside. At least they can imagine it’s bigger or more opulent inside.” — WorthyLocks


“People actually order take-out food like every night. I still think that’s mad. Literally once or twice a year for us growing up.” — wildsea_


“If you use the oven during winter, when you’re done, leave it cracked so that the heat warms up the rest of the house more.” — car_of_men


“Add water to shampoo to get it to last longer.” — veganmon

Lead image: Pexels