18 Strip Club DJs Share Their Work Secrets And Stories

For strippers, stripping is a job like any other.

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It can be boring and annoying, sometimes fun, sometimes depressing. But at the end of the day, you know you’re getting paid, and that’s all that counts.

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Of course, stripping comes with unique challenges and people seem endlessly fascinated about what “really” goes on at strip clubs.

So DJs who worked at strip clubs decided to get together on Reddit and share some of their stories. From bad breast implants to good nachos to an actual heart attack, there’s a lot going on.

1. Best Nachos

“Former strip club DJ here. Almost always if you buy a stripper a drink, she asks for vodka and soda and the bartender pours from a special vodka bottle that’s just water, and then the dancer and/or bartender pockets the money.

I never really wanna hear Pony by Ginuwine ever again. Sometimes the best nachos in the city are at the rippers.” — fugaziozbourne

2. Awkward Situations

“Nothing other than the knowledge that a man walked up and came on the floor next to me once.” — JadenRuffle

3. “A Pretty Easy Job”

“DJ’d the singular smallish strip club in my city for one night once (this was maybe 10-13 years ago). I worked as a DJ for a company that did weddings and socials primarily, but they also employed the strip club DJ, and the regular guy was taking a weekend off, so they signed me up to fill one of his shifts.

The DJ booth was located right in front of the dressing room for the dancers, to act as a deterrent for creeps trying to follow them. The girls would generally come down to the booth (from their rooms in the attached hotel) and give me their short song list about 15 minutes before they start dancing, then get changed into costume and take the stage. Generally, this was a pretty easy job.

Then one of the dancers missed her showtime. Then she missed her next dance (generally had four dancers, would have a show every half hour, shows were 3 songs long, except the headliner girl who got 4 songs), and her next after that. So, the bar manager told me it was my job to go get her from her room.

I walk on up to the room, knock on the door, and the angriest little stripper I’ve ever seen rips the door open and glares at me. I just say ‘hey, you’ve missed a couple dances, (manager name) told me to come get you.’ She responded by telling me to f*ck off and die, then threw a lamp at me.

She showed up for her next dance all smiles and sunshine, like she didn’t even remember it happening. Also, the headliner that night tipped me out almost $30 in loonies (she didn’t have to, she chose to, which was really cool) and also made me touch her boobs, because she wasn’t happy with her implants and wanted me to give my input. They looked nice, but they were strangely hard/firm.” — Coziestpigeon2

4. Waitress To Stripper

“Some girls work as waitresses and shooter girls because they want to make the money but they don’t want to take off their clothes so management makes them watch the dancers count their money at the end of the night to help nudge them along to the dark side.” — cyranodepufnstuf

5. Boyfriends

“Worked in a couple of higher end strip joints many, many years ago. One of the problems we had was dancers bringing boyfriends in. Most knew it was best to keep them out. But every once in a while one would get a new guy that would want to see what she was doing.

Usually they would get a few drinks in them and it would go bad. Either they would fight with their girlfriend, or they would get pissed at a customer getting flirty and get into a fight. Or a mix of both.

A night where a dancer would bring her BF up to meet me, it added an extra stress layer to the evening. I met a lot of very damaged people in that world. Victims of abuse, mental issues, coping with substances. A lot of well intentioned, but very screwed up people.” — jamesshine

6. Amateur Night

“I worked as a DJ for about a year, maybe a little less. I was already working as FOH Audio and figured it wouldn’t hurt to pick up something more.. easy going. I don’t know how it works in other clubs, but this…wasn’t a nice club.

It was small, kind of dirty and boy did it f*cking reek of sh*tty perfume, sweat, and sex (from the totally no sex allowed VIP Room). I hated it there BUT, it was like $20/hr AND the had to pay ME to play their songs, every night, didn’t matter if it was the same or different songs.

Amateur night was promoted as ‘Amateurs keep all’ type thing BUT the uh, amateurs had to ‘rent out’ stage time from the club and also pay me for music (less than the FT strippers or whatever).

There was one girl that ALWAYS showed up for amateur night and I asked her why she didn’t work more nights and become a ‘girl’ here. She said of she just needed a little bit more extra cash flow for school, and amateur night was always packed, she was one of the few girls for amateur, and it paid more than her working than as one of the girls. It was…an interesting time.

The manager and owner were chill, the girls were mostly nice, the pay was really nice. I think if it was a high end club I’d probably still be doing it.” — Dark_Azazel

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7. “The Lap Dances Are THAT Good”

“Not a DJ but here’s my best DJ strip club story: When we were 17 we used to go to the one strip club in SF that didn’t card at the door. One night we were sitting there when a group of cops walked in. We immediately thought it was a raid and we were going to get arrested. Nope.

They were followed by 2 EMTs who went straight to the back room. 5 minutes later they came out with a man on a stretcher who definitely looked dead. Head lolled to the side, oxygen mask on, clearly just had a heart attack or something. Everyone in the club is completely silent, music is off, no dancers on stage as we watch this man get wheeled out who just died in the worst way possible.

We’re sitting there looking at our feet when the DJ comes onto the mic, says ‘That’s right, the lap dances are THAT good’ and drops the music.” — Technical_Dress_9112

8. Candy

“A very good friend of mine is a DJ at a strip club. Early into his tenure, he learned he was expected to supply candy to the ladies. This isn’t a euphemism. He literally has to have a bowl full of candy at the ready for ladies as they go on/off the stage. And not bush-league candy either, like Smarties. I’m talking mini-Toblerones.” — nerve657

9. Tampons

“Not DJ but bouncer. On a few occasions I had to…check if the tampon string was showing before the girl would go do her set.” — MistahZig

10. Preferential Treatment

“My old boss was a strip club DJ in college. He said the number of dancers who hit on him so he would give them preferential treatment (shorter songs for lap dances, hype the audience for them, make their rival dancers bomb) ultimately lead him to quit.” — Ganglebot

11. Squirting Water

“Traveling stripper who used to be a porn actress came to the club and did a show. Before her final act a huge champagne glass looking thing was brought up on stage and filled with water. Her final act starts with her being in this this and moving to the music. Not only was this a strip bar it was also a totally nude one!

So music is going I’m talking getting everyone hyped up when she lifts her hip up and squirts water out of her vagina. This girl was shootings streams of water about 6 feet out then I see guys going over and getting closer so they would be shot in the face with this vaginal spew. People are disgusting.” — frenchtoasttaco

12. Gymnastics

“Got a funny one, this is close to 20 yrs ago… yeah it not as sexual as some people will want but i guess it fits here. So our club had this stage with two walkways at each side and the pole at the end of each. Girl gets onstage, visibly drunk but not sh*tfaced… goes about her routine and walks to the end of one of the walkways and gets on the pole for a few spins.

Now we have a strip of table on each side of those walkways, so as she finishes her twirling and starts walking backwards on the walkway… thats when it happens, takes an empty step, falls backwards straight into this poor bystander’s arms and proceeded to completely backflip her and almost sticks the landing. The whole bar went from Oohh Sh*t…to Whoaa!! Had a good laugh at that one.” — repgoth

13. Stage Names

“I’ve worked security in strip clubs for years. When the girl tells you, ‘My name is Sarah, but they call me Candy here,’ she’s just giving you two stage names to make you feel like she likes you enough to tell you her real name.” — nnelson2330

14. She’s Not Into You

“No, she doesn’t actually like you.” — TisButAScreenName

“My copy of Two Feet – Go F*ck Yourself is almost worn out.” — robotlasagna

16. “Jimmy Juice”

“Stripper here. One of my favorite DJs of all time was at a very high end gentleman’s club in west palm. He was always VERY friendly, and always in a great mood. His name was Jimmy.

Once a floor guy told me to watch his moods, and to try to notice the difference of when he was drinking his 5 hour energy shots. It turns out that inside the bottles was not 5 hour energy, but it was in fact his own mix of some kind of liquid and GHB. Yes, he would roofie himself. (But only enough to have a good time?) everyone called it his Jimmy Juice.” — Abigailpeachx

17. Butt Plug

“Watching a stripper insert a butt plug because she had diarrhea and she was up next.” — myrealnamewastaken

18. The Guys Are Gay

“Not a DJ but get a few casual shifts behind the bar at the male revue on busy weekends. The guys are gay, they have boyfriends already (in fact a few work together) and even if you had a chance, they have exactly zero time for you that you’re not paying for between this job, their day job, rehearsals for the main shows and their insane workout schedules.

That said, it’s not uncommon for them to make an extra $300 off drunk chicks who really want a suck of their lollipop. Easy money is easy money. They’re just not in it for the girls.” — xavierash

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