People Are Sharing The “Sexy” Things That Are Actually Gross (20 Posts)

Do you ever get the idea that a lot of the things marketed or described as “sexy” are actually just kind of awkward or even unsexy?

I know that the world is diverse and everyone has their own thing, but sex in the shower is probably never going to be as cool as the movies show. Someone inevitably slips, shampoo falls, maybe a pet walks in, etc.

On Reddit, folks are sharing the things that they think are supposed to be sexy but in actuality are not.

Water sports are mentioned a lot. Also mentioned? Food in bed, sex on the beach, unasked for dick picks, and a bunch of other stuff. 


“‘Do NOT have sex in a fresh water lake that’s been stewing at above room temperature all summer. Just don’t.’ -a friend who’s a gynecologist.” — Barry_Poots


“Chocolate syrup as a sexy sexy addition. Everyone reading this needs to know that drying chocolate syrup turns into an adhesive.” — TeamShonuff


“Singles in your area.” — ToastAndASideOfToast


“Eating during sex.” — Ich243


“Baby talk. I’m a father, talking to me like a baby just makes my desire disappear and I start becoming concerned about if you’ve eaten or slept or pooped recently.” — MARKLAR5


“Jealousy. All of those challenges on TikTok where people try to make their significant other jealous are stupid and seriously unhealthy.” — buyyouakebab


“I tried to have sex in a hot tub. Not possible. The water just carries away all natural lubricant.” — Digibollocks


“Sex on the beach.” — peach_riot


“I had a boyfriend who got edible underwear for me, it was basically a thong made out of candy, but the string was plastic and extremely uncomfortable, and it felt sticky down there afterwards, it was more funny than sexy.” — sprimax


“Wearing too much cologne/perfume. All you need is a dab of ascent on your neck or your wrists, and the scent shouldn’t be so overpowering that others can smell you from a mile away. The scent you wear should be subtle, but noticeable.” — Professional-Tower76