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People Are Sharing The Subtle, Tell-Tale Signs Someone’s Rich (15 Posts)

A recent post on AskReddit asked:

“They say, ‘Money talks but wealth whispers,’ what are the subtle signs of wealth?”

Thousands of Redditors from across the world chimed in with answers and shared their own experiences with either having money themselves or interacting with the 1%.

1. Happy skin and teeth

“Their skin. If you see someone with amazing skin and teeth chances are they can afford to take care of it. At least thats one subtle sign in the Philippines.”


2. A disturbing lack of IKEA

“Never buying furniture. You either inherit old and expensive pieces, or you hire a decorator to do it all for you.”


3. “Happiness is the same price as red bottoms”

“Shoes. Really good shoes.”


4. Dismissal of charges

“Not being prosecuted for crimes.”


5. Not looking at price tags

“Not even asking to look at luxury items or asking the price, just wanting to buy.

My God Sister was friends with a princess, one day they went shopping while the princess was on the downlow and she had to buy presents for her friends. They went to a luxury store where she just pointed out the stuff she wanted and the staff looked at her and laughed, she tried to buy again and they told her she “may want to look in her price range” as soon as they found out who she was they basically all shat themselves”


6. Family discount

“Selling expensive items to close friends & family for well under market value. E.g. houses, trucks, motorcycles…”


7. Doing whatever the f*** they want to do

“Wealthy people do whatever the f*** they want and they are all different. That’s what wealth does, it lets you do anything.”


“True wealth is knowing that you will be financially secure no matter what, and having the ability to work the job you want the way you want. Removing the stress of having to go to work and giving you some optionality about how you address at all.”


8. A perfectly normal car

“Top trim, fully optioned versions of normal cars. Think the 60k hybrid, full interior package version of a Toyota Camry.”


“I live in an area in the U.K. where everyone is wealthy. Landowners, financiers etc. Let me tell you, the richer they are the more busted their car is, they get it fixed but won’t buy a new one. Usually hoarders of some capacity, clothes are just kinda shabby and they have all the time in the world to pursue what actually interests them and that’s normally something niche that costs a bit to maintain the hobby. The more busted they look the richer they are usually.”


9. Your daddy is rich

“Your parents are rich.”


10. An appreciation for the finest things in life

“I lived briefly with a guy who was in his 20’s and worked construction. We lived in a beat up house and he drove an old truck and lived very simply.

When I first met him, he appeared to be very blue collar. What gave away his background was his knowledge of art and appreciation of wine. Found out later he came from a really rich family who owned yachts, etc.”


11. Casual clothes

“If you’re in a room full of men in expensive suits and there’s one guy there in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. That’s the richest man in the room, and usually by a wide margin.”


“Not all super rich people buy fancy clothes, some just like to be comfortable. I once heard a saying that if you see a man in a Hawaiian shirt then odds are he is either the richest man in the room or the poorest.”


12. Tithes for the church

“In a church setting, the person will use an envelope and discreetly place it in the dish. Other people will make a show of openly their wallets.”


13. Jet-setting friends and family

“If you find yourself constantly asking “where’s <insert name of friend or family member>”, and the answer is always something like: in Barbados; they went to Key West for the weekend; I think they went to see the Grand Canyon; probably skiing in Colorado again.

Yeah…they didn’t say a word but you know they got money.”


14. Insider trading

“Insider trading.”


15. Tailor-made

“The clothes they wear, doesn’t matter if it’s designer or thrift shop, everything fits them well and is clean. They can afford tailors, dry-cleaners, and stylists, and always look put-together.”


*Googles local tailors near me*