People Are Sharing The “Tough Pills Everyone Should Swallow At Some Point” (20 Hard Truths)

Have you ever been confronted with a difficult truth that shook you to your core? You most likely have.

Folks on Reddit decided to do some exceptionally depressing blogging and came up with some the toughest pills you will probably have to swallow on your journey through life.

And while some are bleak, they are important lessons to learn. Hopefully, you won’t have to learn them the hard way—but you probably will. 


“You can’t keep everyone you love around you forever.” — SiepieJR


“Some of your problems are your own fault, and won’t get better until you actively do something about it.” — rexxar-tc


“You can do everything correctly and still fail.” — penny_can


“Just because you acknowledge the problem doesn’t automatically solve it.” — AlrightyAphrodite99


“You can’t make someone love you.” — Charming_Preference


“A significant subset of the population will behave as shitty as they are allowed to or can get away with.” — StorkSlayer


“Fairness, Justice and Karma are not a given. They happen less than you expect. Be the change you want to see in the world but don’t expect a just reward for it.” — Jacksinyourbox


“There are people with fundamentally different world views and you will never be capable of seeing eye to eye with some of them.” — joemamma474


“The world is brutally unfair. Even if you bust your ass working on something, you can still fail and see someone who barely works gets everything you want. Even so, the world does not owe you anything. You can still fail the next time, but you’ll only have a chance on succeeding if you try.” — Pandaonthego


“It doesn’t matter how compatible you are with someone sexually (or how attractive they might be), that’s not enough to sustain a healthy and happy relationship.” — nuhtty