People Are Sharing The “Tough Pills Everyone Should Swallow At Some Point” (20 Hard Truths)


“Just because you spent a long time making a mistake (being with the wrong partner, hanging out with toxic friends, working at the wrong job, taking the wrong courses in college, etc…) doesn’t mean you should keep doing it.” — Nickard


“If you are a smart kid in a small town: You aren’t as smart as you think you are. This will come as a big pill to swallow if you get a scholarship or make it into some sort of academic program where the rest of your classmates are ‘smart kids’ too.” — Echo5even


“Being happy long-term isn’t about doing whatever you feel at any given moment, sometimes you have to make a conscious, serious effort over a period of days, weeks, even months or years, to form good habits and increase your quality of life in order to have a positive disposition instead of intermittent periods of joy with a general negative disposition.” — everyischemicals


“You’re an a**hole/ b**** to somebody.” — BigMilk0


“Getting help whether it is a doctor’s appointment or seeking therapy doesn’t make you any less of a normal person and can actually benefit you. It’s okay to need help.” — djfishfingers


“You are not immune to propaganda, and many of the things you grew up believing to be true about your country, or other countries, or groups of people, or political ideologies, or history, may be lies or misrepresentations.” — xrancorx


“Some of your friends, even your best pal from high school, may not be the best friends for you as you go to adulthood.” — NotThisNonsense


“You’re not special. I actually loved this when I heard it. It takes the pressure off of me to excel. I’m just me, and that’s enough.” — OldHippiiChiq


“The internet and social media shouldn’t be your holy truth. Go the f*** outside once in awhile.” — jumpie-cabies


“Within a generation or two after your death, no one alive will have any memory of you. Your life, everything you did, every person you interacted with, will be gone and lost to time.” — Everything80sFan

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