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People Are Sharing The Best Advice They Got From Their Dads (20 Posts)

Even though Father’s Day comes once a year, there’s always time to think about the ways your Dad has influenced your life.

One wholesome thread on Reddit details the ways “good dads” have helped their kids learn important life lessons—and to be honest, we could all learn something from these dads.

From kindness to appreciating nature to always leaving a note, here are twenty pieces of advice good fathers have given to their children. Maybe you’ll recognize your Dad in some of them. 


“My dad taught me to always be kind. Kindness isn’t loud, it doesn’t need to be stated. It should just be inherent in everything you do. You don’t have to like everyone or treat them well if they don’t treat you well, but you should try to approach everyone with the same kindness you’d wish they’d give you. — panicked228


“‘You are the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life.’ In other words, take responsibility for what you do, learn how to move past your mistakes, and realize that your actions have consequences.” — gaynazifurry4bernie


“If it was easy, everyone would do it.” — OrangeGumby27


“If you don’t know how to make things better, just listen.” — char1112


“To appreciate nature. The power of sitting in silence and looking at the night sky.” — regretchen


“My dad taught me to indulge my love for learning. Want to read a history of the Aztecs at 6 years old? He took me to the library and we got a real history book and he helped explain what I had a hard time reading. Want to help in the garage? He taught me all the tools and taught me how to clean them and oil them and how to use them. He always took me seriously and answered every question. He was my greatest teacher and my biggest defender and my rock. I lost him in 2003 and I have missed him every minute since then. How I raised my kids has a whole lot to do with how he raised me.” — Pyratekyd_Kidd


“To always make your loved ones a priority. Make it your purpose. My dad worked hard to give us a comfortable life and more opportunities than most. And after what I can only assume was a long and tiring day, the first thing he’d do was sit and watch cartoons with me and my brothers while asking us about our day.” — wutryougonnad0


“I learned how to be selfless, how to feed everyone else before I sit down, how to enjoy taking care of someone. I learned how to grow vegetables, I learned how to fix a sink, or rig something together if I need to. I learned diplomacy and patience and practicality. I learned to pay attention to what sounds my car is making, how it feels when it turns or when I let go of the wheel. I learned resilience and perseverance. I learned that I should work hard and do the best I can every time I can and that that’s all I can do. He taught he responsibility and morals, regardless of religion or politics. He taught me how to chop parsley and cook steak, how to fry potatoes for breakfast and how to slice tomatoes thin. My father is an immigrant, an engineer, a practical but sensitive and caring man. I wouldn’t be who I am or have what I do without him; everything I am or will be is owed to him (and my mother, who is equally magnanimous).” — facialscanbefatal


“Lefty loosy, righty tighty.” — samderome


“My favorite quote came from the early 2000’s. He died 11 years ago. ‘If the way this world works ever starts to make sense to you, you need to start worrying about yourself.'” — NotSure733

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