Women Share What It’s Like Being Considered “Ugly”

11. Horrible people…

Having people yell at you from across the street to tell you how ugly you are. That one hurt a lot, ahaha.

Spending ages trying to dress up nicely only to go outside and realise that everyone else is still a million times more attractive than you. I’m not even as ugly as I used to be, it just seems that everyone else has grown more attractive too.

Also, people acting as if I’m not.


12. Self-esteem struggles

That no matter how often your significant other tells you that you’re beautiful, you constantly compare yourself to more attractive women and feel that you’ll never be enough.


13. Men

People being rude to you. Especially men, if they’re not attracted to you then you don’t deserve respect nor decency.


14. Self-doubt

When someone does genuinely find you attractive and you think it’s a joke.


15. The possibility of being alone

Being 21 and knowing there is a big chance you have to live your life alone and never getting married.

Lots of people gonna say nooo you find the right one eventually but then I always think of my teacher who looked like me and she was 50, never been married and living alone with two cats.


16. Rejection

People leaving you for your best friend when they realise she’s prettier.

No, she hasn’t ever gotten with them, but they’ve left with the intention of getting with her.


17. Dealing with dubious doctors

As a fat woman: not being able to go to 90% of my doctor’s visits without my weight being brought up. I mean, that’s fine in a check-up or physical, but if I go in because I have a sinus infection, I don’t really feel the need to discuss how fat I am right at that moment unless it’s somehow going to clear up my sinus infection.


18. Overthinking

Sometimes I feel bad for my partner, thinking he’s embarrassed or could do better.


19. Being excluded from photos

That specific feeling when everyone gathers to take a group picture and hands the phone to me to take it. Ouch.


20. Settling

I think growing up the “ugly duckling” can have bad effects on your mind and cause you to put up with bad behaviour from men. I legit thought I was ugly and unlovable and that I was lucky to have any guy interested, so I had a beggars mindset and put up with his terrible behaviour.