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Non-Americans Are Sharing The Things They Actually Think America Does Right (27 Posts)

Look, this country has a lot of things it needs to do to course-correct, but reading the nice, good, and sometimes silly things that people on the outside appreciate looking in makes it seem much more worth coming together and saving.



You guys invest alot in entertainment. The shows in my country suck —Hulton-Sama


How accommodating many places are to disabled people, especially for people in wheelchairs. There are often ramps and large disabled parking spaces not to mention that there is an entire amusement park for people in wheelchairs in San Antonio! —misssplunker


Big living spaces. I live in Hong Kong and our average flat sizes are around 300 to 500 square feet. If you are in a flat that’s over 1000 square feet that’s considered super luxurious. —TheFakeMercy


People are friendly if you’re polite to them. —Kittytigris


Right turn on red lights —dumbleydore94


I went to America in February, just before Corona became a real threat in Europe and America and people there are really nice and talkative. Here you don’t ask where tourist are from or begin a conversation just randomly while in a grocery store. Was a bit confused by you guys saying ‘how are you?’ as a greeting tho, I knew you did but still it caught me off guard. —no_unknown


Optimism. TBH I hate seeing american optimism in the works, I come from a culture that complains a lot and is quite cynical. When I first started studying in the US it was always oft-putting (and fake) that people were so positive about so many things. But hey, it works. When me and my american friend crashed out of about 20-30 job interviews, I was the one crippled by depression and self-doubt while he simply looked ahead, said there are tons of other good things out there anyway. I simply gave up, while he continued applying and planning. I think americans have a very good attitude towards failure. —tetriscannoli


Hospitality and kindness. On my travels in America I found the majority of Americans to be kind, keen to help and lovely to spend time with. Obviously there will be some wankers (there are wankers everywhere) but I associate America with a cheerful, upbeat people who will smile and be pleased to meet a new person. —sapphobear


You have a robust arts industry including movies, tv, videogames, etc.
Here in Australia our government routinely undermines are fledgling videogames industry, most of our tv shows lack any of the polish of yours, and with our movies… Let’s just say we literally tried to get people to pay to see a film version of a TV show that was canceled due to lack of viewership on FREE tv. —lewton_bus


They make a lot of great music, I’m sort of a metal head and my country don’t have any rock bands. —Chaos_Primordial


Tiny electrical socket outlets so that an adapter for 4 or 5 plugs doesn’t take up almost the whole godamn wall. Zip codes have only numbers .. easier to remember than postal codes. All telephone numbers throughout the country have exactly the same number of digits. —john_wb


Free refills at restaurants, still amazed. —mushroomoose


The country has everything! You want mountains, you got it! You want forest, you got it! You want beaches, you got it! You want huge cities, you got it!

In Europe, you have to go from country to country to achieve this.

Also the food portions are HUGE! —Theholynun


• Confidence. Americans (I’ve met) are very sociable people and believe in getting the best out of themselves.

• Independence. Whilst this has sometimes been overplayed, America as a country always seems to work in it’s own unique way and strike it’s own path.

• Creative expression & individuality. In America, I really do get the sense that you can be who you want to be (given you live in the right place). This leads to some really crazy & wacky shit (Flat-earthers & Anti-vaxxers, I’m looking at you). But it also leads to a vibrant & innovative creative culture. (A-lá Burning Man festival). —JWW-LDN


Air Conditioning, and also lots of national parks. More than any other country I think —FoughtStatue


My country never would have thought of replacing the bread in a KFC chicken sandwich with TWO PIECES OF CHICKEN, genius, keep em coming. —ivENyMantibLEPtaISti