Bartenders Share What They Assume About Someone Based On Their Drink Order (16 Posts)

Ever wonder what the bartender thinks about you and your drink order?

(Not me: I know already. Diet + vodka, this chick is the WORST. I’ve made peace with it.)

But for those of you less sure of your absolute drink-ineptitude, don’t worry.

Redditor u/Indianfattie asked the bartenders of Reddit: “What are the stereotypes that come with specific drinks people order?”

And the people of Reddit delivered.

(Some stories have been edited for brevity or spelling)

1. Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island iced teas rarely get tips and are almost always asked to “make it strong.” It’s nearly an entire cup of liquor how tf am I supposed to make it stronger


2. Vodka Water with Lime

Vodka water with lime for the sorority girl who wants to cut calories, then drinks 8 of them and gets blackout pizza from the place next door.


3. Bud Light / Miller Light + Shot of Bourbon/Whiskey

From my experience if you order a Bud Light/ Miller Light/ Budweiser with a shot of Bourbon or Whisky you probably work a manual labor intensive job.


4. Pint of Bitter

Pint of bitter. I’m a middle aged man who is going to stand by the bar silently until my other middle aged man friend comes and then we’re going to sit silently and watch the football and only speak to ask who’s round it is. Always a lovely bloke though.

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5. Lemon Drops

[T]he woman who ordered a Lemon Drop is the only person to this day who has screamed at me at work, so I’ll say that’s a drink for high maintenance assholes.


6. Jagerbombs

Jagerbombs are ordered by students which just want to get f–ked up asap.

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7. Porn Star Martinis

Porn Star Martinis – I’m going to be loud and obnoxious all night, and my vomit is going to be neon orange when i’ve drank 5 of these.


8. Cosmo

Cosmo – This person is almost certainly a pain in the ass.


9. Martini, shaken not stirred

Martini ‘shaken, not stirred’= Idiot who knows nothing about booze and definitely has no idea what they’re ordering, and will most likely not like it.


10. The non-alcoholic soda / soft drink

I had tons of respect for the DD when I was bartending. Would often even give them free soft drinks when their buddies were getting rounds.