Women Share The Strange, Sexist Questions They Were Asked During Job Interviews (15 Stories)

11. “Why is your hair short?”

“Someone asked me before why I had a pixie haircut at the time. This is a male manager interviewing me who was unable to ask directly if it has to do with my gender preference. Saying sorry to ask but why that type of hairstyle?! Asking why I shortened my hair. I explained that I have a thick curly locks and it was more comfortable for me to have that style back then.” — hannahgoleapyourbar

12. “If you dye your hair, I won’t want to run my hands through it.”

“If I have children. If I go to church. When I asked if I’m allowed to have unnatural hair colors he responded, ‘Yes, I just won’t wanna run my hands through it.’ He also said he preferred to hire women because we are all ‘natural mothers’ even if we never have kids. Didn’t realize how incredibly wrong the whole interview was until later talking about it with someone because I was desperate for a job.” — flutierachel

13. “You have tattoos. Are you a masochist?”

“He asked if I was a freaky masochist because of my tattoos. Obviously meaning got off to pain. BDSM and all that too.” — CrystalShipSarcasm

14. “Do you want to hang out?”

“I was 19 and trying to just get a basic job at a pizza place. I had to go through 4 different interviews. The first one was at night at a Starbucks. He had us sit by a fire place in a cozy area. I was so confused. He asked many different personal questions and kept saying he wanted to hang out sometime. He gave me the run around and would schedule different interviews to talk. Eventually I finally got hired. My husband who I met at work said all he did was walk in and he was hired.” — PositionFormer136

15. “Are you naggy?”

“When I was getting my master’s in forensic psych, I went to an interview for an internship with a forensic psychologist who does clinical evaluations for the courts. I was so excited, thought this would be a great fit, did all the paperwork, went in for interview. He asks me maybe five questions in total, of course starting off with where I go to school, what track I’m in, what other research/clinical experience I have, but then he asks, ‘If I asked your dad or your boyfriend about you, what would they say? Are you responsible, are you naggy, are you bitchy?’ and I just completely froze since it was so out of the blue and just said something like, ‘Uh….well, I hope they wouldn’t say any of that??? But also why would you be asking about them?’ and he kinda backtracked a little to play it off as a joke. He even had one of his current interns (a guy who I had a few classes with actually and knew tangentially) in the interview and it was just awkward as hell. I ended up getting an interview with a different internship and they were MUCH more responsive and better fit, so I went with them and got hired by them quick and am still working for them in a senior position! So **ck that other guy, though I sometimes see his reports come across my desk lol.” — kendall_black

Featured Image: Pexels