Women Are Sharing The Stupid Phrases They’re Sick Of Hearing From Other Women (20 Posts)

There are certain things that other women say to each other that will inevitably begin to drive me up a wall. Why not read an entire LIST of them?!

Thanks to u/ciscotheginger over on Reddit, we have a whole thread of things women say to each other that other women are sick of hearing. They range from the inane excuses for men’s behavior to truly aggravating put downs and BOY I’m already mad. Let’s just get to it.

1. Boys will be boys

Nah. Boys and men still have to behave respectfully to other people. Their gender doesn’t make them exempt from that, nor should it – and this type of statement just worsens the problem by absolving them.


2. If he’s mean

“If he’s mean to you, that means he likes you.” No. It means he’s mean to you.


3. Weddings

“All girls dream of their wedding day” No they don’t, stop it (:


4. Working out

“Don’t put on too much muscle or you’ll drive away most of the guys.” or something of that ilk.


5. Never see them again

“We should catch up some time” You know they have absolutely no intention of catching up


6. Backhand compliment

“I love your confidence” from thin women to me a curvy woman, it just screams “I would never be that confident if I looked like you.”


7. Not like…

I’m not like other girls.


8. You’re real too

“Real women have curves!”



“you’ll want kids, you’ll change your mind when you’re older” 


10. And THIS ONE

“you’ll never know true love until you have a child!”


11. Dropping pounds

I’m sick of women always talking about wanting to loose weight.


12. Not our problem

“If you don’t do xyz to keep your man happy, he’ll look somewhere else” as if it’s our fault if a man cheats, like he has no control over his actions.


13. It’s not toxic, Jesus.

Any comments on how unnecessary, unhealthy and toxic it is to enjoy makeup, skincare or any cosmetic procedures. Obviously it isn’t men’s business either, but I can’t stand the holier than thou-attitude from women who refuse to let other women enjoy things.


14. Awful

“Oh you’re being dramatic, the same thing happened to me and it was fine” From medical things to life experiences- this sucks and I hate it


15. Getting along

Any variation on the “I don’t get along with other women” sentiment. There are 4 billion women on Earth and you haven’t gotten along with a single one? Really? And you think that’s a reflection on them and not you? And when there’s that not-so-subtle insinuation that they’re not like other women, that they’re cool, have interesting hobbies, value logic, whatever, it’s so ignorant. Women are as varied as men. There are thousand, if not millions, of women just like you. There are women who have the same interests, the same thought processes, the same life experiences. You’re not special, you’ve just been gulping the misogynist kool-aid. And the sad thing is, when these women encounter a soul sister they’ll reject her either because they’re so biased against women or because they’re going through life competing with every other woman trying to prove they’re better than other women.


16. Bullies

Any kind of bullying, especially towards other girls’s appearence. Ironically, among the people who bullied me there was many more girls than boys.


17. “Gender”-Mom

If your whole mom-ing style and identity is based around your child’s perceived gender, you’re doing something horribly wrong.


18. WT actual F

Being told by women that I am not a true mother because I had two emergency C-Sections and not natural childbirth… And as a bonus, my body did not create milk so my children are not truly human because I fed them formula.


19. Pick me girls

I hate it when women refer other women as “pick-me girls” or similar.


20. We don’t

“Women have to adjust”. My mom and sister to me all the time.