All Teachers Are Heroes Except Maybe These Teachers (20 Posts)

Look, most teachers are heroes. But they’re also human beings. And to be fair, some teachers are not very good at monitoring their language in the classroom. However, some folks should have never chosen teaching as a profession at all—as some of these comments on a Reddit thread about bad teachers make abundantly clear.

Redditors are chiming in and sharing their outrageous stories of the worst thing a teacher has ever said or done in a class. From drinking on the job to cursing to justifying rape, these teachers do not make the grade. 


“I had an art teacher that got caught drinking. Apparently someone from the previous period told on her. The vice principal came into our class and told her to come with him. We all heard her yell “they drove me to drink” from the hallway.” — 49Gold


“7th grade math teacher heard heard some 9th graders saying that he probably never gets any. Proceeded to explain to his 7th class that he fucks his 10 years younger wife a lot and that they are in an open polyamorous relationship.” — stolenkar


“I go to an anger management school sometimes the teachers lose it they once said ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP THIS IS WHY TEACHERS GIVE YOU CUNTS WORK SHEETS.'” — IfinnanutonYoGut


“At the start of class our teacher just sat in silence for five minutes, we waited for him to begin. He then said ‘you have just wasted five minutes of your life. You will never get that time back.’ A bit harsh on a class of nine year olds.” — ordinarybloke1963


“There was a story about a kid who got run over when he was little and survived. His mates all called him ‘roadkill’. He was off sick and when he came back the teacher said, ‘Roadkill is back!’ His mother went mad and he got the sack.” — Friendofdestaat


“‘I don’t know why there are so many girls in this class. You’re supposed to be married and have children already.” –11th grade advanced physics teacher.” — CichaelMlifford


“I had a history teacher explain to the girls in the class (we were 15) that it’s important to go to high school: ‘Because how else are you going to find a man that earns money, my ladies? Only after you’ve found him can you stay home.’ Guy was 45, and we were in 2015. He also was antisemitic, thought climate change was a hoax, and was overall an arsehole.” — Chickiri


“Our yoga instructor: ‘Fat parents give birth to elephants.’ I…” — fuckitaaaaaaaa


“Old guy history teacher told a student in my class to go home and slit his fat wrists.” — babybear49


“I was in 5th grade and there were a few students who weren’t getting great test scores. So during our lesson one day she calls out some of those students and basically paints a really morbid picture of what their future would supposedly be. She said they’d end up working at McDonald’s for minimum wage, barely making enough to pay rent in a shitty apartment with no way to pay for food, electricity or anything else.” — yeetgodmcnechass