25 People Reveal The “Worst Thing” That Happened At Their High School Reunions


“The people who were supposed to plan our high school reunion dropped the ball, so I figured it wouldn’t happen. But then this other dude from our high school stepped up to plan it. He was in a graduate program and also working part-time at a banquet hall, and he said that his boss would give us the banquet hall space for free. It was a really nice gesture, and he seemed really into it.

He had been miserable in high school. Grumpy, sullen, unpleasant, mean to other people. He came out in college, so maybe the weight of having to keep it a secret was part of why he was so unpleasant. Maybe he’d be more fun now. I was working a sh—t job and had no savings at the time, so I was neither interested in having my former classmates pity me nor was I gunning to shell out a lot of money to attend. Plus my sh—tty ex might be there and that didn’t feel worth it. The organizer made a facebook event and asked people to venmo him the cost of admission prior to attending.

He wanted something like $15-20 a head, I can’t remember. Anyway, it didn’t really feel with paying for. Maybe if there would be some drinks included or something, I would go for an hour. I sent him a private message asking what the admissions ticket covered — food? Drinks? The space was free, after all. He posted publicly on the facebook page that if the cost of admission was too steep, “message me and we can work out some financial aid.” Uh, what? I then publicly posted, asking what the admission cost covered. No response. Other people asked too. He said it would go towards having a bartender and server dedicated to the event space, as well as towards food. Okay, fair.

Folks, HE WAS THE SERVER. My friend showed up having not yet paid him, and he barred her entry. The people who had paid the admission cost showed up to an empty banquet hall, were given a menu by their former classmate, and told to order their own food and drink from him. He pocketed the admission ticket money as his fee. After an hour, he brought out one (1) grocery store sheet cake for 75 people to share. That was it.”—saltwafer


My therapist encouraged me to go to my 10 year. Which, in retrospect, was probably a play for job security. Edit: Oh wow! Thanks for my first awards and gold kind reddit strangers!”—AlkynesOfPremed


“We’d been there less than an hour. Having a great time reconnecting. Suddenly an old friend approached and said, “Is that your wife over there? She’s pretty hammered” And as we watched, she tripped and fell face-first, full body crash onto a 12 top table where many of my old classmates were sitting. The table broke, food and drinks flew everywhere, I walked over, scooped her up and half-carried/half-walked her out the door. She took xanax before going (unbeknownst to me) and was an alcoholic who started slamming drinks as soon as she got there. So, good times.”—imveryserious


“At my 10-year reunion, the organizers were doing the thing where they give “awards” for the person who came the farthest to attend, the person with the most kids, etc. The award came up for who had the oldest kid, and people started shouting out their kids’ ages. When it quieted down, this shy girl near the front said in a normal voice, “11” and then we all realized why we had stopped seeing Heather right before graduation.”—InfinitePizzazz



“At my twenty year reunion – two decades after high school – two guys got arrested for fist fighting on the sidewalk outside the bar we went to Friday night. Why were they fighting? One of the guys slept with the other guys girlfriend in high school, and drunkenly brought up the twenty years ago fling. Neither if them married her, or even dated her after high school. Those idiots got charges twenty years later for her, though.”—pedantic_dullard


“I didn’t go to my 10 year but my entire friend group did and they all called me asking where i was. While on the phone with one of them, he goes “oh sh—t, Brittany is here”. Brittany was a train wreck in highschool and apparently hadn’t changed in 10 years. She proceeded to get trashed, get in a fight with a waitress and did meth in the bathroom. Police picked her up that night after she was found her passed out in the McDonald’s bathroom.”—Ol_man_rambles


“I went to had a really big gang problem. A great many people didn’t attend due to being in prison. Some of those who were in gangs in high school had worked their way through the ranks… One in particular was pretty high up, he decided to show up. It was generally peaceful, until somebody decided to stick him with a knife. Then all hell broke loose. The dude that got shanked was a colossal ass to me through all of high school, and now he’s bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds. Being an off duty medic, I did what I do, half expecting him to bleed out on the gym floor. He didn’t remember me, there wasn’t that movie moment between us. I doubt he even recognized me, I just kept plugging holes and thinking I shouldn’t have worn my nice shoes. Cops and EMS arrived, few people got arrested, he survived, I ended up tossing my favorite dress shoes and a really nice pair of pants because they were too bloodsoaked to rescue.”—zenmedic


“Not mine, but my husband’s. 10 year anniversary for high school graduates. The whole thing was really just sloppily slapped together and it was pretty clear the class was not interested in getting together. The gathering place kept changing every couple weeks (this was updated via Facebook group btw). At first, it was renting a place and getting food catered and whatnot. Except it’s pretty typical in my town for most people not to go on to be successful by any means, so asking mostly unemployed or minimum wage workers to cough up I think $200 to attend just didn’t work out. Venues kept downgrading to accommodate until they got down to having a bonfire out by the lake, BYOB, no fee, just come hang out for like, an hour or something. Throughout the fiasco of finding a venue, a majority of the class declined going. Some had to change status. There was a good handful still marked as going, but with everything changing and people obviously starting to tune out midway through, a lot of people forgot to change their status of going to not going. 2 people showed up.”—magicrowantree


“At the after party, the one guy getting drunk enough to think it was a great time/place to discuss race relations with one of our black classmates. Well, not so much discuss as randomly impose the topic. The cringe nearly killed us all.”—mindfeces


“Five year reunion- one guy (always kind of a marginal figure in HS, but a nice person), after some sort of discussion, got his paycheck out and got loud saying “Now do you think I’m a loser?” “Don’t believe how much I make? Check this out” Of course, he just made things worse, and everyone was laughing at him. I mean – he had his paycheck on him? Haven’t seen him since.”—kev_61483