25 People Reveal The “Worst Thing” That Happened At Their High School Reunions


“10th reunion. Graduating class of +/- 850. Well-funded high school. Every class has a trust fund to fund reunions. A good friend of mine was our treasurer and organized it via Facebook. We started big. Ballroom, setting for 1000. Figured spouses/etc. A year out, lots of interest. Definitely not 1000 people interest, started to scale back. 6 months out, less interest. Lots of people reconnected via Facebook and lost the drive to actually care. Scaled back more. 3 months out was deadlines for attendance.

The school’s alumni association would dispense the funds based on class size and allotment for the milestone. We hadn’t put a deposit down because the target kept moving on attendance. 2 months out my friend finalizes and does a formal cutoff. She had kept taking anything for a month due to lack of interest.

Day of: it’s at a local bar. Not a small bar, either. Good food. Rented the entire place for a Friday night at that. 25ish alumni showed out of 150 RSVPs, with spouses or whatever was around 40 people. That was the worst part is knowing so few people actually gave a sh—t, but the best part was the treasurer’s smirk the entire night. The school had allotted $50 per person for this. $50, per person, plus guests. $15,000 with instructions to pay everything fully.

We drank and ate our asses off to the point of almost being Roman, and the bill was $7500 between food and rental. She paid the bill, then handed everyone $100 from the envelope, and then handed the rest of the envelope to the manager and was like “here’s the tip.” So, roughly $3000 for the waitstaff and crew. Pretty memorable and honestly not that big of a bummer, but holy sh*t people just don’t care.”—psykerr


“My husband invited the entire party to our home. The reunion was being held at a place you know; built to hold parties. Well the majority of the people that were invited came so we had 100+ crammed into a 2500 square foot house and a bunch of them decided to jump into our pool which was ICE cold. I was not pleased with my husband.”—bodhisattva2424


“Me: “So what are you doing now, Snob?” (The name of guy was changed to protect the innocent)

Snob: “I work at Smith, Smith & Smith Attorney Law firm.” (Not a real company but you get the gist)

Me: “That’s impressive. Are you a Lawyer? Studying to be a Lawyer?”

Snob: “No. I’m working on it.”

Me: “Oh? Articling at your Law firm?”

Snob: “No.”

Me: “You work at Smith, Smith & Smith. So what exactly is it that you do?”

Movie moment, I kid you not. The DJ cut the music so that the MC could make the announcement that dinner was to be served shortly. But before that happened… Snob got frustrated with all my questions and stated loudly into the unexpected silence: “I’m a Mailroom Clerk!”

Everyone stared and hate to say this…accidental justice was served. Snob was taken down a peg or two by his own hands.”—onebraisedbrow


“Small college reunion with my core group of friends from university. This was about 5 years after graduation. We all partied pretty hard in school, but mellowed out in our late twenties. Decided to all meet up for dinner at a local bar/restaurant. Think Applebees, but nicer. One guy showed up already wasted, with a duffle bag full of multiple packets of weed and the bottle he started on before meeting us. He decided we were boring, finished his bottle in the restroom, and refused to come out.

He ended up passing out there. Bartender kicked him out. He came alone in an uber, and we had no idea where he lived. None of us wanted to take him to our places (he was angry, puking and belligerent), so we dropped him off at his last known address. His parents’ house. Both of them answered the door, and we handed him over. It was past midnight and incredibly awkward. He’s not invited to the next reunion.”—tallmatcha


“This guy slammed some warm Natty Light during beer pong, then held his wrist up to this mouth as if it were coming back up, and then he projectile vomited. The best part is that all of it somehow SHOT forcefully from his fingers like Spiderman and we WEBBED everyone on that side of the room with vomit. It was full of cooked onions. It was amazing.”_o-fortuna-macabre

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