identical twins with pets

Identical Twins Are Sharing Funny Stories About Confusing Each Other’s Pets

If you want to ask the weirdest, most specific question ever, where do you go? That’s right. Reddit. If you’re laying up at night fixating on some random thought, wondering, “How many people…[fill in the blank]” just post your question to Reddit and watch the weirdness happen. You’ll get some crazy stories, some sad stories, and some insightful stories as well. You’ll probably come away thinking people are bonkers—but at the same time, you’ll feel a deep connection to humanity. Because damn, everyone has a story. 

One of the weirder (but, hey, totally fair and super interesting) questions circulating on Reddit has to do with pets and identical twins, posed by the user Avianthon. Aren’t you SUPER curious now? Yeah, me too.

Identical twins of reddit who own a pet after living seperately; what was your pet’s reaction when it saw two owners? from r/AskReddit

Here’s what the twins had to say about their cats and dogs (who are way smarter than we think and should inherit the earth):


“Long time ago my grandfather had a dog that went with him to work the fields on his farm. He passed away and the dog stayed with my father and his mother. G-father’s brother came up the driveway one day to visit, walking and looking like my g-pa. The dog went crazy in the house. She was barking and going from window to window. They finally let her out as he was walking up the steps to the porch. She ran up to him all excited until she saw it wasn’t her master. It was like someone had kicked her. The tail went under and she slowly walked over to her bed and laid down in her sadness.”—BackInTheBox62 


“My dad and my uncle were identical twins. Their voices sound so similar even my mom would get confused before the invention of caller ID. My dad passed away last year, and when my uncle came over the family beagle didn’t notice, but when my uncle spoke he perked up. But then he would go and sniff him and get sad again.”—flyingbookworm


“The first oddly-specific ask Reddit I am qualified to answer. My dog lost his mind when my twin came to visit. He excitedly dashed back and forth between the two of us thrilled to see us both. Then again, he’s a golden retriever so he does that with everyone.”—thegingernational


“My twin and I have lived separately and together several times. My dog treated my sister and me like two separate members of the same family, but both our cats (one is mine, one is hers) have made it clear from the beginning the other twin is a second class citizen. We have exactly the same voice so when we visit each other there’s about 1 minute of “Why are there two of you” and then it’s business as usual.”—littlemissdangereux


“I have an identical twin. My sister decided to try and surprise me by coming to visit from out of state (she had a key) and my dog growled and barked at her and wouldn’t let her in while I was in the shower lol he didn’t care if she looked and sounded like me, she wasn’t coming in unless I let her!”—buddles12


“My sister’s dog was confused for a second because we sound alike. But then he realized I wasn’t her but similar, so he also adores me. Sometimes when I’m visiting and he gets in trouble with her he comes to find me and climbs in my lap-he only weighs 100 lbs.”—oldladyturtle


“My partner is an identical twin. Our dog hates his twin and won’t let him in the house and our cat loves him.”—dyllon_c


“Identical twin here. It’s weird because my dog loves me but HATES my sister. Like, when she comes around he growls at her and barely lets her touch him. I have no idea why, he isn’t like this to the rest of my family or friends. Maybe he thinks she is an imposter? Lmao we have no idea!”—ttoxicite


“My mom is an identical twin. My childhood cat Linus was a total scaredy-cat, abused at an early age and terrified of new people, but an absolute sweetheart with us. When my aunt came to visit for the first time, Linus walked right up to her and snuggled against her leg. She started scratching him and all was going great until he saw my mom. Cue very quick back-and-forth head turns, followed by running up the stairs and hiding for hours! Poor baby!”—puntoputa


“My grandfather had a younger brother whose voice sounded indistinguishable from his own, to all us humans anyway. they were not twin-like in appearance (nor scent, one assumes). one day our big studly master of his domain German Shepard catches Uncle Reggie on the front porch and starts going at him and Uncle Reggie says, “oh Scout, now stop that.” And Scout did the full cartoon stop, head sideways, and that whimper that sounds like a question mark. So his appearance wasn’t mistaken by the dog at all – but he did confuse the hell out of him with the identical voice.”—lettucejizz