Identical Twins Are Sharing Funny Stories About Confusing Each Other’s Pets


“Rusty was a good boy and was ecstatic there were two of us. More to play with, I guess. He learned to tell us apart though, and I kind of felt like an indulgent uncle with him. It’s even more fun as my brother and I have had children in our own families and they can’t tell us apart until they are almost two.”—lesomb


” (Not pet related but,) my grandma is an identical twin and the first time I met her sister my little three-year-old brain didn’t really think it was weird so I just called her “more nana.” My family thought it was so funny that we all call her “more nana” to this day.”—bum_tongue_69


“My dad and his brother were identical and same voice, too. My dad rescued a nest of bird babies whose mama never came back and he would feed them. He would go outside and say “where are my babies?” And their little heads would pop up, chirping and chattering and he would feed them. (Had a vet friend who told him how and what to feed them). One day his brother came over and my dad told him to go out and say “where are my babies?” And the birds stayed silent. Not a peep. He tried again to no avail. My dad said it and instantly the babies popped up and chirping. They couldn’t see him, and his voice was identical yet they just knew. It was uncanny! Edit- my uncle passed away a year ago so that’s where the “were identical” came from. Sorry for the confusion. Also clarified they were baby birds earlier in the post. Forgot people still haven’t mastered reading my mind.”—campfire88


“When I first saw my twin’s pet I was shocked. We hadn’t talked to each other in about 3 years and we both got a black toy cavoodle. It was literally like he had mirrored my dog, still don’t know whether he did it on purpose.”—jaaack1


“My cat couldn’t give a f*ck. Her new puppy thought I was her until she walked in the room and then decided to bark & growl at me. He has only met me a few times & still gets us confused. On a separate note, after college my twin’s older dog lived with my parents at the same time I did (I can’t remember why my parents had him for that period of time). I call him my neph-dog because I love him so damn much & we even FaceTime. He goes absolutely apeshit when I visit & it’s the best welcome back ever!”—mcarch


“My rabbit will go to my twin sister if she calls him from the other room (we have the same voice). But once he arrives and sees it’s her and not me, he stops short because he was expecting mom pets. (He’ll eventually let her pet him, it’s the betrayal when she imitates my voice, intonation and all, that makes him a little huffy at first.)”—des_reveries


“My dog couldn’t tell Asians apart, I guess, and followed the wrong Asian lady at the dog park.”—techhouseliving


“My dad’s brother looks almost exactly like him. So similar that even the cousins get them confused sometimes when we’re all together. My uncle came to visit once and came in the house while my dad was still outside helping with the bags. My golden doodle went bounding up to him (my dad is her FAVORITE person) and barked a greeting. My uncle replied, “oh, and who is this?” They have totally different voices. Octaves apart.

My dog panicked. Froze, hair went up, crouched way down, and she turned to look at me like “SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH DAD”. Then my dad walked in, my dog realized that dad was still here, and realized that this is a fun new person just like him! She happily went to investigate and say hi. My doodle now loves my uncle, but that first moment really freaked her out.”—Itslmntori 


“Not a twin. The first dog my husband and I had was very much my husband’s dog. Worshipped the ground he walked on. One day while my husband was going on a walk with him the dog saw someone that looked just like me from the back. Even my husband was confused. The dog ran up to her happy as can be, and then she turned around. He growled at her! He barked at her while walking backward! He was usually a very mellow dog. When they returned to our apartment the dog sniffed me for a moment and proceeded to snuggle me for the rest of the night. Guess he couldn’t handle the betrayal.”—pyneapplepyro


“My Yorkie had no idea I had a twin until my wife surprised me by purchasing a and ticket for him to visit for our birthday. He walked in surprising me and she lost her mind and ran up to him excited, thinking it was me. The kitchen was adjacent to the front door and I was standing in it. As she got to the door she stopped and noticed us both and got even more excited running back and forth between the two of us. One of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.”—thefaller

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