31 People Share Times They Met Celebs Who Were “Either Really Nice Or Really Horrible”

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you met your favorite celebrity? Would they be totally chill and kind and humble in your imaginary situation—or would they be, despite their “I’m totally relatable!” Instagram persona, a huge b*tch? Because honestly, you never, ever know.

Someone can spend years cultivating a persona that is anything but authentic. Imagine Jennifer Lawrence joking around and being generally kooky and adorable…only to turn around a mistreat a waiter? It would be awful, we know. 

So, the user Willis1998 asked Reddit about their celeb experiences—and got the tea—and, luckily, a lot of celebs are awesome. 

What celebrities have you encountered that were either really nice or really horrible? from r/AskReddit

Let’s find out whose movies and albums we should or should not keep bankrolling…


“I ran into Adam Sandler outside of a Planet Fitness in Brooklyn in early 2016. As I was leaving the Planet Fitness, it looked like he was walking in. We made eye contact, so I stopped and held the door for him. He got to the door and stopped right before he walked through, in one of those fake poses that little kids make when you tell them to freeze. I stood there holding the door, plenty confused. For about five seconds, we just stood there- him, motionless and I, standing there holding the door. Finally, he turned his head and said in the stereotypical Adam Sandler voice, “Ahhh, who we kidding? I’m not going in there!” Giant grin on his face. We both laughed and then he continued down the street. Awesome.”—WatchTheBoom


“Adam Sandler…I met him down in Nantucket one summer a few years ago. I had no money and so he bought me and my friends a pizza and shared it with us. Probably the greatest moment of my life.”—Pacdoo


“I met John Candy on a plane when I was a little kid while traveling with my family. He was a big man. He had the whole row to himself in front of us with the armrest up between seats so he could be more comfortable. The stewardesses were blocking anyone from coming up and bothering him, even though they themselves were not exactly leaving him alone what with talking to him constantly and laughing at his enjoyable banter the whole trip. At some point he got up to go to the bathroom. When he came back he looked at me, pretended to do a double-take like he was surprised and said, “Hey, you’re the quietest kid ever, don’t you talk?” The way he said it was so friendly that I just smiled and giggled. Then he had a pleasant conversation with my parents, who had been DYING to talk to him the entire flight but were too polite to bother him. Not even 2 weeks later we heard he had passed.”—starstarstar42


“My mom spotted Robin Williams once and she went up to him and asked if she could get a quick photo. She didn’t realize he was there in the middle or about to do something with the Make A Wish Foundation so she waited until they were done around 20-30 min later and then a bunch of the kids and people wanted photos with him – he made it a point to stick around and told his staff “I think that woman wanted a photo” and made sure she got it. Mom was thrilled. He was such a humble nice dude.”—thejadedsf


“I met Paul Rudd on a flight from NY, sat next too him on the plane. My buddy leaned over and told me that he wanted to compliment him on this band shirt he wore when making Clueless, but he “didn’t want it to be weird”. So his solution was to write him a note and slip it to him, lol. So he does this, and Paul just gets this nervous look on his face, opens the note and reads it. Starts cracking up laughing, leaned over to us and said “best note ever”. He then told us the whole story of the shirt, how he fought with the costume dept about it because it was the shirt he wore to set that day. We talked the whole flight, dude was super cool.”—_glibnik_


“Flava Flav ate at the restaurant I work at once, he made a huge deal about having to sit somewhere private because he didn’t want any attention. When it came to pay his bill? He tried to pay with a pre paid visa that did not have enough money on it…”—xxtraspicy


“I met Vin Diesel at a truck stop diner when I was a kid. It was like 4 in the morning and me, my grandpa and vin and his friend were the only ones in the diner, and we ended up getting sat at the table next to them. Vin and a friend were getting ready to go on some fishing trip which was made obvious by the clothes they were wearing.

My grandpa struck up a conversation about fishing with him, completely oblivious to who he was. He was a really nice guy and apparently knew a great deal about fishing techniques. I was a bit geeked out and didn’t say much or contribute to the conversation but I spent the next hour of our road trip explaining to my grandpa who Vin Diesel was and why it was a huge deal we just met him.” — weekendbrainsurgeon


“All of these were waiting tables: Waited on Gene Wilder for his birthday years ago, he was incredibly nice and laughed so hard he cried when I told him we had “everlasting pistachio” ice cream. Betty White was hilarious and tipsy after wine and would not stop flirting. If I had been 60 years older… NPH was also gracious as humanly possibly, insisted we have a drink with his table while we waited on him, and tipped like a champ. Seth MacFarlane was amazing. Drew me an original cartoon and signed it there at the table. After paying and tipping 100% he refused to let me buy him a shot of whiskey and instead bought me one, then invited us to meet him out later.”—aetusveritas


“When I was a teenager, I met Neil Armstrong at a retirement ceremony that my dad brought me to. It was at a museum and it was a private event. There was time for everyone to wander the museum, and my dad saw Mr. Armstrong looking at one of the planes that my dad helped design. Nobody else around. They struck up a conversation and Neil asked me questions about what I was studying and how I felt about the work my dad did (my dad worked on classified planes when I was much younger). He seemed like such a gentle guy to me. A bunch of other men suddenly joined as and started asking him for autographs, which he declined. It seemed to snap him out of his happy mood, and he kind of shut down and walked away. At that time I thought he was a bit of a jerk for not saying goodbye or anything, but I recently read about the hard time he had with fame, and I guess it makes sense.”—rain-dog2


“My husband and I were wandering around Philly a few years ago and Don Cheadle was walking toward us. We both stopped and turned as we watched him go by. After he passed us he turned around with a big smile and waved/winked. I just thought that was pretty cool.”—janisneptunus