31 People Share Times They Met Celebs Who Were “Either Really Nice Or Really Horrible”


“James Corden. I was a porter at a hotel a very long time ago, he’d had a couple of very minor TV roles. I had no idea who he was but others did. He came down in the morning yelling at the receptionist that someone had taken vhs tapes from his room. He demanded to know who had access to his room, me being the only person on duty that night with a master key was pointed out and he proceeded to accuse me of sneaking into his room while he slept and stealing tapes. After ten minutes of verbal abuse and threats one of his “people” came in and told him they found his tapes in the car and he stormed out with so much as a goodbye. Throughly horrible human being.”—antleozzman1


“A few years ago Helen Mirren came to my job. I worked as a weekend hostess at a Ukrainian diner in NYC’s East Village, and very famous for its pierogis. I didn’t know who Helen Mirren was at the time, and as it was a busy Saturday brunch, I asked for her name, put it on the wait-list and let her know it would be 20 minutes. She just stood off to the side and talked with her two other companions. Never bothered me. Never demanded to be seated sooner. Never brought up her celebrity status. Customers kept coming up and asked if that was THE Helen Mirren. My boss eventually made me seat her before everyone else. Helen looked at her watch and remarked it hadn’t been 20 minutes! All in all, Hellen Mirren 10/10 lovely person.”—la-noche-viene


“After college, I was living the intern life in New York, so I had to hunt around for a job that would be fine with me working just evenings. The first call I got was Kmart, so for about a month, I worked at Kmart Penn Station. One night, this guy with his hat pulled down low and this really cheerful girl came into the electronics department where I worked. It was a wild, wild store with tons of sketchy characters, so right away I was wary of him. Anyhow, they looked at the game selection for a minute, then the girl asked me if they could get Madden 2013. I obliged, took it from the case and began cashing them out. It was over the $50 minimum where I had to ask for ID with a credit card purchase, so I asked the sketchy fella for his ID. He told me, in this hushed little voice that he didn’t have it with him. Mhm.

So I called up security to get the okay to finish up the transaction. As I’m talking to them, he tilts the credit card towards me. My first thought is, “Huh. I didn’t know JP Morgan made a credit card?!” And then I looked at the name. Daniel Radcliffe. His girlfriend was beaming at me as the expected recognition washed over my dumb, tired face. He was super, super gracious, and my height, which I loved even more (we’re both a firm 5’ 5”). And, I was pleased to be so calm and collected about the whole thing that they both got out of there without anyone else knowing who he was.”—seemore_glass


“Ringo Starr likes this restaurant by my house. I have run into him a few times while I’m up there, if he’s with someone else then he’s bearable. There is thus one time though, I was with a friend and he exited he restaurant with his wife. My friend saw who he was and looked shocked. He just looked in our direction and said, “yes it is I” and drove off. We were then informed by the valet guy a few feet away that we got the lucky end because some older folks were nearby. In short Ringo is a salty man.”—just_gimme_answers


“I worked at the premier hotel in my town so I’ve met quite a few:

Bill Cosby: was nice and made conversation.

Prince: Pissed off because we said he couldn’t smoke in the room. He then tried to bribe us.

Patrick Warburton: nice but really tired looking.

Ringo: Still wants to be popular and will do his best to remind you of it.

Mayweather: Was really nice, TV seems to make him more mouth than what he is. He does have like 30 people that ride with him though.

Seal: Quiet doesn’t say much and just wanted to go to sleep

Donald Trump: very business and his bodyguards don’t play. Had to send two employees home at the order of secret service.

Usher: Went to his room and saw two girls sleeping at the door. He turned around and told us he would ne sleeping in his bus.

Larry Holmes: a has been that wants free rooms and can’t accept that the world has left him.

Malcome of Malcome in the Middle: really nice and didn’t look like he had aged any.

Kesha: I delivered the message table and she answered in a towel. She was really sweet but doesn’t tip.

Wayne Gretzky: an insufferable asshole that his wife had to keep apologizing for his bad attitude.

Richard Karn of home Improvement: Really nice and way down to earth.

Larry the cable guy: He actually told his security to back down so he could see his fans.

WWE: these guys are very well behaved and very professional.

Dana Carvey: was very chill checking in and even did a Garth impression from Wayne’s World without us asking.

Minor soap stars can be the worst: several females with minor roles will constantly say “I’m an actress” whenever asking for specific stuff.

Jesse Jackson: Always has to be in the presidential, request massage therapist at odd hours and remains very professional at checking in.

Ben Stein: Does not talk really slow and is actually a great tipper. very polite and he bought my girlfriend waffles because she had to work late at the hotel.”—vadermaybelater


I met the St. Bernard dog from Beethoven at Planet Hollywood when I was a kid. Seemed like a pretty nice dog in person.—MoogieCowser


I served Daniel Radcliffe his dessert at an event, and tripped and spilled some of it on him, probably due to seeing that I was serving Daniel Radcliffe, and he stood up and started apologising profusely to ME. Was very sweet and asking if I was ok.—eggsmashumactually


Was a server for Tom Cruise. Pretty cool dude, tbh. Was a bit out of touch, but that’s to be expected. The funny part was he didn’t know what he could order off of our menu, so he had to call his nutritionist to find out what to get. Ended up getting fried chicken—PM_urfavoritethings


Met Matthew Lillard, his wife, and newborn daughter like literally after the release of the 1st Scooby Doo Movie. My family always host 4th of July parties in our beach house, and he party crashed. I was like 7 or 8 at the time and my cousins were freaking out saying “Shaggy is here!”. Of course I immediately sprinted over and he was eating a hot dog (super cliche I know since it’s the 4th of July lol). He was so cool. The whole time he was in character and offering me to have him go get a hot dog for me. I remember my little cousins asking where Scooby was at and he replied, “Oh Scoobs ate sooo many hot dogs that he’s like, having a food coma”. Seriously, one of most highlighted memory dating back to my youth.—veggietoot


Used to do delivery runs for a catering company, and we would get a lot of celebrities at the airport that ordered from us. Johnny Depp was the only one I ever saw face to face. Dude pulled a wadded up bill from his pocket and tossed it at me. I thought it was cool I got a tip directly from him at all, but once I had it all unwadded it was $100 bill.—KhaosElement


I met Jim Carrey when I was like 11 at a party my parents attended. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was behaving so normal and then when he noticed me staring he did a mask facial expression and started staring at me. He’s a genuinely funny guy and probably has the purest of heart.—somebooooodeh

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