31 People Share Times They Met Celebs Who Were “Either Really Nice Or Really Horrible”


“Met Dave Chappelle a few years back. Long story short, a friend of a friend got me and two friends into an after-party. We were sitting at the bar when his manager offered us some shots. We talked with his manager for a while. Then Dave sat down near us. Dave was kind of sitting by himself and he looks over at us and goes “What’s going on fellas?” And we talk to him for about an hour. We thanked him for coming to our town, talked about music, sports, all kinds of stuff. Super cool dude. One of my favorite memories.”—nstb21


“I was working on a set once where John C. Reilly acted as one of the main characters. It was a pretty small set and low budget (not even sure if the show ever aired) so we all found ourselves working closely together for the most part. I sat across from him during lunch one day and we chatted for a bit about random stuff. The guy talks the same way he acts, which is why I think he plays such a great character in any comedy because he quite literally plays his own attitude in many roles.. at least it seems. But anyway he was a very nice and down to earth guy, I found it hard not to giggle every time he spoke because I just couldn’t shake the image in my head of all the roles he’s played.”—tommyboy6733



“My mom and sister met the Rock when he was still a wrestler. They had a couple car seats and tons of bags having a hell of a time getting off the plane and people were waiting and then this massive guy offered to carry some things for them and they happily took the help, he grabbed some bags and held the baby carrier with my niece in it and helped them off the plane and left. After people kept going up to them asking how they knew the rock and they were very confused until someone explained who he was.”—sendgoodmemes


“Samuel L. Jackson at the Calgary stampede in Canada. He was super nice. My family went up for it because my uncle is part of the committee that organizes the stampede every year and he got us VIP seating. I was a kid at the time and I was like does your wallet really say OBAMF? He laughed and said he left that one at home. Of course, when I told the story at school I told everyone his wallet did in fact say that.”—nokarma4ulolz


“I had a chance to work with Witney Houston for eight days on a film set. I was working as an extra. She was nice, kind and personable. Her beauty was more striking in person. She was very professional she did not miss a mark or a cue. Everybody on the set cried when she sang. Whitney Houston was very nice to me and complimentary she spoke sweetly and in a motherly tone when she greeted people. I can still remember her friendly greetings when she arrived on set every day.

That was one of best experiences of my life and best experiences working on a film set. I learned a lot from her about professionalism on a film set. I also saw how hard she worked. She was there twelve hours a day and on point every minute. I watched how she interacted with the director other actors and crew. She was even encouraging to other actors and performers in the film even the extras. It was heartbreaking when she passed. I still have the dress that I wore in that film she admired and complimented me about the dress. An actor/ musician I know was booked to perform at the event Whitney Houston was to be at the day she passed he was also staying at the same hotel. He called me and told me she was gone then he started to cry.”—myblindstories


“Years ago working hotel security in Edmonton I was escorting Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers at 0400 in the elevator down from their rooms to the lobby to get in their Airport Limo. I am 6’5”, and so I towered over her. Dolly looked me up and down and said in her cute southern drawl “they sure grow ‘em big up here in Canada!” She was just as sweet as you could imagine. Kenny, on the other hand, and I feel bad for saying this, due to his recent passing, treated me like the help (which I of course was) and even made a huffy impatient noise when—slightly flustered by Dolly’s remark—I struggled to find the key to put the elevator into independent service. Dolly touched my arm, looked me in the eye, and said, “Darlin’, don’t you pay him any attention, we appreciate y’all!” I guess I got the good and the bad in one shot.”—LOUDCO-HD


“I met A few celebs working as an event photographer for fundraisers from time to time. Chevy Chase, well, the stories are true. He was a huge jerk. Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, bar none and easily the nicest celeb I met working the camera. Very considerate and thoughtful person. She kept checking with us to see if she could do anything for us or if we needed any more shots she could help with. Great sense of humor too.”—tikikatt


“For a couple of years I went to a private school in Connecticut. My last year there, Bill Murray’s sons transferred in. Neither was in my grade, but one of them was in the play with me. I was super nervous, but I was an SNL fan my whole life and had the 20th-anniversary book that talked about all the cast members and behind the scenes stuff. After the show, I (really shyly) said hi and told him I was a fan and asked him to sign it. He said “whoa! I haven’t even seen this yet! Cool!” and then told the biggest lie ever told and said I was good in the show (I was awful, I forgot all my lines). Weirdly, this wasn’t the first time I saw him. When I was about six we were at a restaurant in New Jersey and he and his wife were at another table. Ghostbusters had just come out and I wanted to say hi but my parents stopped me. Nice dude.”—leastclevernameever


“I met Buzz Aldrin and have a good story. I met him in 2009 and 2013. At the 2013 meeting, I said “I met you before in 2009” and he said “what took you so long to come back?”—drslapnuts


“So I have a fun Paul Rudd story. I worked at CVS at the time, and my manager had just eliminated smoke breaks- so I’m on edge and going nuts. Paul Rudd walks in, and sees me. For reference- I am generally disheveled in appearance. I had a wizard beard braided down almost to my nuts, and I had worked overnight unloading the truck before popping on register. He looks at me and just goes- “rough night?” I laughed, nodded. I slurped at my coffee, which was more or less empty at this point. My boss comes out of the office to yell at me about something, and Paul drops what he’s doing, runs to my counter, and rings the little bell to interrupt the boss. I run over and he has a single butterfinger on the counter. I ring him out, and he laughs.

He says, “how long you been here?” Truthfully, I told him- 10 hours. I sputter something about loving him in “Fundamentals of Caring.” He looks at my boss and says the best thing ever. “I need [my name] to help me to my car with my purchase. My back hurts. Mind taking over for him?” So i go outside, he bums a cigarette off me, and bought me coffee- then wouldn’t let me inside until i finished a whole cigarette and half my coffee. Boss came out to bitch, he laughs and says “I still need his help loading my car.” Honestly, its actually probably the single best customer-moment I’ve ever had in my time in retail. Dude’s goddamn awesome.”—MALAKOJI