People Are Debating Whether Or Not Guys Should Change Their Underwear Every Day

It doesn’t take too long to find something truly disturbing on Reddit. In this case, it’s the fact that this woman’s husband goes a few days between changing his underwear.


The post is titled “My husband says he doesn’t need to change his underwear daily. What are the usual rules for male hygiene routines?” The Redditor writes in the post:

“So I just figured out my husband doesn’t change his underwear daily. Sometimes he goes a few days between changes. He says that it’s “unrealistic” for people to change their undies every day. I’d be interested to know if there are things that I thought were basic hygiene rules that are not. Maybe I’m the idiot for going through a pair a day. I feel like women have set rules about brushing teeth and changing undies and stuff like that. Please tell me all!”

And people are rightfully concerned for her! The post received 3.1K comments and a 94 percent upvote rate. Here are 20 of the best reactions to this absurd admission.


“I like how people always tell single guys who are struggling with dating to just shower, but I always see stories on Reddit about girls dealing with boyfriends who don’t wash, brush their teeth, or even wipe their ass.” – bootyhunter69420


“I dated someone like this. He refused to believe I hated BJs solely because he wouldn’t wipe his ass properly and I could literally smell shit if I went down there. I can’t believe I put up with that.” – IamfromCanuckistan


“Why do they date these men?” – vastle12


“The worst are those who don’t wash their poop knife regularly.” – GCFocused


“I’m more impressed that OP married this guy without knowing this already” – Furthur


“I suffer from crippling depression and anxiety, like the type that makes it hard to see the point in even getting up or being alive but one thing I will NEVER do is not shower everyday. If I‘m being a useless human being I can at least have good hygiene. But what I‘ve kind of learned is that a lot of people (not just men) have VERY VERY poor hygiene.” – Katarrina3


“Rule #1: if you can smell own stench, others have been smelling it for some time already.” – ObliviousAstroturfer


“It’s very weird to see people that don’t consider bad hygiene a red flag.” – thebigkneegrow


“I’ll wear a pair of jeans more than one day in a row, but not underwear or socks. That shit gets sweaty and covered in body oils. I don’t think my wife would ever give me another blowjob if I was unclean like that.” – DukeOfDouchebury


“Even just from the perspective of comfort, it’s mandatory to change every day. Granted I wear briefs, but by the time I change my underwear in the morning, the elastic is a little stretchier than when I put them on and fabric just doesn’t feel fresh anymore. I could see the fit not being as much of an issue if you wear boxers, but it’s nice putting on a clean pair of underwear with snugly fitting elastic.” – 830_L