Choosing Beggars Deserve To Get Trolled Sometimes (25 Pics)

Asking for a favor means entreating someone to do something for you that they have no reason beyond pure generosity to do.  You’re appealing to their empathy and asking them to make a sacrifice, however small.

That’s why when asking for something it’s generally considered good form to show humility and gratitude. After all you’re getting something for free whether it’s goods or services.

Some people, however, never got that memo on basic human decency and these pushy moochers shave had their bad behavior immortalized/mocked on the Reddit page Choosing Beggars.

So let’s point and laugh at these entitled jerks!

1. This dirtbag who wants a free car

25. This insatiable individual who looked gift chicken in the mouth

3. This picky “fan” who wants free art, GETS IT, but remains unsatisfied 


4. This guy who wants a bunch of chairs left behind a dumpster specially delivered to him like he’s the king of freakin Siam.



5. This guy who declares art “shit” as soon as he’s asked to pay for it

6. This girl who demanded parental stimulus on top of her government stimulus and got some career advice instead

7. This special snowflake who claimed to be dying of coronavirus to get a free logo SMDH

8. These guys who are too manly to wear girly face masks even if they’re free

9. This lazy scrub who wants a free TV delivered to him…also for free

10. This voiceover moocher who went from fan to psycho over $38

11. This person who thinks your handmade face masks are nice and all but has opinions on the price point

12. This person who just wants some FREE CHEESE

13. This freeloader with the checkout add-ons

14. This skeptic who doesn’t want Eminem’s lousy shoe money

15. This literal choosy beggar

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