Burned-Out Employee Seeking Pay Raise Told To “Go Get Another Offer,” He Maliciously Complies

Asking for a raise can be nerve-wracking, but how your employer responds can tell you a lot about the place you work at. A story surfaced on the Malicious Compliance subreddit about an incident that occurred between an employee and their boss when he asked for a raise.

They had been working at the office for three years, but as the office began to return to a hybrid schedule, they contracted COVID, which left them feeling exhausted for the next month. This exhaustion led to burnout.

Despite this, the employee felt that they were in the right career position. However, their manager then informed them that they were in the process of hiring someone who used to work at the office before the person started.

This new employee was reportedly asking for a salary that was 20% or higher than what the person was currently making. This news not only upset the person but also prompted them to ask for a fair salary increase for themselves.

When an exhausted employee requested a pay increase, their manager refused and advised them to seek another job opportunity. In response, the employee maliciously decided to comply with the manager’s suggestion.

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