People Are Sharing The ‘Golden’ Reddit Threads They Think Folks Should Read At Least Once (20 Posts)

The second I saw this title I knew this article would take me two hours to write! It’s just wormhole after wormhole!

Get your tabs ready to open 20 amazing Reddit threads, brought to us by u/Venusise‘s question on Ask Reddit: “What are some golden Reddit threads that everyone should read at least once?”

1. IRL Parasite

There was a great one I saw a few years ago of a user who lived in an underground bunker of his old home after selling it. I can’t find it anywhere though. He uploaded images and everything in the end


2. Bowie Rides

The guy who posted a picture of his dad on a motorcycle with David Bowie while on vacation on a Greek Island. It was a ride.


3. Help!

“Help my Reddit suddenly changed to Spanish and I can’t turn it back to normal” or whatever that guy said


4. PT Cruiser

PT Cruiser owners, what tragedy burdened you with your car?

Whenever I feel down I revisit this thread and cry laughing


5. Shower to go

The thread no longer exists but it was some dude posting about his great idea of freezing a block of ice and soap together. One side Ice, one side soap.

You can take it with you to work and throw it in the freezer. If you’re heading out on the town you just lather up with the soap side and rinse off with the Ice side.


6. CATS.

“help!! 5 cats in the basement and i can only count to 4″


7. Drunk AMA

The drunk guy who did and AMA and answered his own questions


8. Too many edibles

I need the one of the guy who accidentally ate too many edibles and is freaking out at dinner with his wife and in laws. Hilariously written.


9. Kevin. OH GOD KEVIN

The Story of Kevin


10. Oops, I ate it all

I like the dude who ate like 3 or 4 feet of a footlong sub all by himself at a party


11. Complete meltdown

Grilled cheese melt down.


12. Problems with the GF

I remember, not long ago, reading a guy who had problems with his girlfriend, apparently he acted in the most immature way possible by throwing away some kind of glasses or cup that his girlfriend collected as a hobby, but apparently his girlfriend is a Native American and he supposedly believed that his girlfriend had put a curse on him, it was funny not only to see in the comments of his post everyone telling him that he was a jerk but also his post history saying things like “I think my girlfriend cast a spell on me, how I can undo a spell”


13. Celebrity murderers

If any celebrity turned out to be a serial killer who would it be?

I can’t find the original thread but SPOILER it wasn’t 20,000 people all saying Crom Tuise


14. Risk

There was one about a guy going to Wal-Mart drunk to buy a Risk game but got distracted by a kid acting like a little punk and he farted on the kid’s head when the kid disrespected his mother. I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find it. He describes the fart so…eloquently. A hissing Mephistopheles of gas was the phrase. It’s one of the few times I’ve had to stop reading something because I was laughing so hard. If someone could find it, I would be ever so grateful.

15. The comments are insane

I found a thread once that went to Amazon for a review of haribo sugar free gummy bears . I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe and began crying


16. Potato?

the guy who pretends to not know what a potato is


17. Soup tubes

This woman’s boyfriend keeps asking her to invest in his Soup Tubes idea. Just kills me every time.


18. Carbon Monoxide

How has the carbon monoxide poisoning one not been mentioned yet???


19. Holy crap

The one where the OP’s wife beats the shit out of their adult son for cutting his infant sister purposely with a knife.


20. You’ve been warned.

Swamps of Dagaboh