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“What Do You Hate With A Passion?”—A Viral Thread (25 Replies)

Do you randomly hate something with a burning, deep passion? Or maybe it’s something super mundane, like essential oil or an ad blocker pop-up (this hate is kind of funny) — or maybe its something more legitimate, like rude or hateful people. Lots of people have very strong feelings about something, even if we like to pretend we’re little angels who don’t have the power to loathe something with exceptional fiery fervor. 

Luckily, Reddit user howispendmyday decided to spend their time creating a platform for everyone to shout their hate into the Interwebs:

What do you hate with passion? from r/AskReddit

Here’s what everyone had to say. Many of them are universal but some of them are…a them-thing. 


“When I click the “x” on the mobile ad and it takes me to the play store anyway. That and interactive ads that you can clear the first level in but it pretends you can play the second. Game companies are evil and I hate them.”—SSCminion


 “Health-related products with misleading (or fake) claims, also applied to people selling all that shit. Due to a family tragedy.” — rcgarcia


“People who lack self-awareness.” — Rainbow_Monkeyz


“Are you talking about the ones that see a friend and have a 30 min conversation at the entrance to a supermarket?” — Mikerockzee


“Silver Littering – especially motorists It takes a special kind of scumbag to throw a coffee cup out a moving vehicle or to leave trash bags behind when you’ve camped somewhere without permission.” — QueenNephrops 


“I once spent an evening in DC. I was with a few friends, and we were walking near the Washington monument when we noticed the entire grounds were covered in trash. There was a rally earlier that day, and clearly no on bothered to pick up, but me and my gang were just drunk enough that we were riled up, but not drunk enough to cause any damage, the happy medium was to angrily pick up trash, which I guess is the opposite of vandalism. I guess our impromptu clean up encouraged others, late-night stumblers, to join us, and an hour and a half later we had the entire grounds spotless. Felt good and it was fun and oh, I fucking hate litter.”—ace_of_clubs


“People that don’t take “no” for an answer.”—back_to_bach


“People that stand in incredibly inconvenient places in a hallway, and then are just incredibly oblivious to it.”—Abm4448143125


“Unskippable ads or ads that have nothing to do with their product, just randomness to get your attention. You seriously think I’m going to buy your product now? I hate your company beyond measure and I will remember your stupidity for years to come! Edit: I know there are ways to avoid ads. Just because there is a way around them doesn’t mean I hate unskippable or ridiculous ads any less.”—cwhiz45


“Pop-up ads. We’ve all been there: need some info that you mostly find on one site, but every click you do instead of doing the action it should, it just opens another browser window to some porn site or skin illness.”—ezorethyk2